Backup and Restore

Backup/Restore functionality provides a convenient way to save your current BeyondPod settings and feed subscriptions and later restore them on the same or a different device. Backup and Restore options are available via Settings>Backup and Restore in the left navigation drawer. 

Here is what will be backed up:

  • Feed Subscriptions including categories and all feed specific settings
  • All global BeyondPod settings 
  • Download and Read histories.
  • Smart Playlist configuration.
  • Update Schedules for each category.

 What will NOT be backed up:

  • Downloaded podcast episodes (any downloaded episode files on your storage card)
  • Any custom feed icons (feed icons that were manually assigned to the feed)
  • Backup files are named automatically based on the date created and are stored in a (configurable) folder on your SD card. Backup files can be also shared to other applications (such as e-mail or DropBox) and pushed to multiple devices or stored in the "cloud".

If you need to back up the downloaded episode files (for example when moving to another device) you can find them in a folder called "BeyondPod" located in the root of your SD card. (The exact location can be found in: Settings > General Settings > Podcast Download Folder). When moving to another device, we recommend to backup (or copy/move) the entire BeyondPod folder with all files and subfolders it contains. 

More information about how to move BeyondPod to a different device can be found here.

Played positions and episode notes for downloaded or streamed episodes are saved as part of the backup. When restoring a backup on a different device, streamed episodes will be restored automatically, but if the downloaded episode files are not present, when restoring, they will be converted to streamed episodes (preserving the played positions).