BeyondPod Tips and Tricks

Below is a list of some less-known shortcuts and experimental features in BeyondPod.

(All experimental features are first introduced in our BETA versions. You may have to get the latest BETA to try it). 

  • When setting a custom sleep timeout in BeyondPod Settings > Menu (Press Menu key) > Advanced Settings > Custom Sleep Timeout, you can enter multiple times separated by a space or a dash (for example 20-10-30-45). The first (20) will be set as usual for the default sleep, but the remaining (10-30-45) will be shown as the options in the "Sleep" pop-up.
  • Feedly tracks the "read" status of items only for about 30 days, after 30 days it considers the item as "read" regardless if it has been actually read or not. If you use feeds that have older episodes, there is a way to tell BeyondPod to to ignore the "read" status Feedly assigns to posts. BeyondPod Settings > Menu (Press Menu key) > Advanced Settings Advanced Settings > Ignore Feedly 'Read' Status.
  • If you want to be notified about new Beta versions of BeyondPod, you can enable Beta notifications in: Settings > General Settings > Beta Version Notifications.
  • You can use a double-tap to close the post content window (or the post web page). To enable it go to: BeyondPod Settings > Menu (Press Menu key) > Advanced Settings > Close on Double Tap.
  • Episode cleanup rules (for example keep at most XX episodes) are currently enforced only when performing automatic downloads. If you download episodes manually (one at a time) you can enable automatic cleanup in: BeyondPod Settings > Menu (Press Menu key) > Advanced Settings > Advanced Settings > Allow Cleanup for Manual Downloads. This will use feeds cleanup settings to clean the old episodes before downloading the new episode.
  • If episode names/titles are long and can't fit in a single line, you can select if BeyondPod should cut the "end" or the "start" of the name. This is configured per feed in the feed properties (open the feed, then Menu > Edit Feed > More Settings... > Long Episode Names).
  • There is a useful setting to retain the current episode when clearing the playlist. To enable use: BeyondPod Settings > Menu (Press Menu key) > Advanced Settings > "Keep Current Episode".
  • If some of your feeds mix audio episodes with images or video, you can ignore images or videos and leave only the audio episodes. Episode filtering is configured globally for all feeds using the existing "Hide Unsupported Media" setting located in the Advanced settings: BeyondPod Settings > Menu (Press Menu key) > Advanced Settings. Keep in mind that the filter is "exclusive" - once enabled, it will allow only file types (identified by their extension) that are listed in "Supported File Types" setting. The same filter is also used to filter out by file type in virtual feeds.
  • BeyondPod has an experimental support for volume boost. You can now artificially boost the volume of episodes of selected feeds when playback speed is enabled (regardless of what the actual playback speed is). If you want to boost episodes of a given feed, use "Volume Boost" in the feed settings (Edit Feed > Advanced Settings > Volume Boost). This will boost the volume of all "downloaded" episodes of this feed. If you don't see the volume boost setting, make sure you have enabled Playback Speed (Settings > Player Settings > Enable Speed Adjustment) first.
  • You can force episodes to always use the Feed image (instead of retrieving the image from the media file). You can set this in: Advanced settings (BeyondPod Settings > Menu (press Menu key) > Advanced Settings) and checking "Use Feed Album Art".
  • You can add custom folder images for virtual folders. To assign a custom image to a folder, use a PNG or JPG file (200x200 pixels works best), name it ".feedimage" (be careful not to omit the starting ".") and put it as a file in the virtual feed.
  • You can temporary hide (dismiss) BeyondPod's mini player by swiping it left or right. The player will show back when you start playing an episode or restart the app (if you have anything in the playlist).
  • BeyondPod will check and automatically try to detect if the feed image/icon has been updated and download the new one. You can also manually refresh the feed image for any feed by opening the feed, selecting "All Published" from the action bar. Expand the title (tap on \/ in the right side of the header) and long press on the "gear" icon below. (added in v4.1.36)
  • When you tap on a SmartPlay from the playlist drawer, BeyondPod will automatically start playing the first episode. If you prefer to just load the SmartPlay and not start the playback - uncheck "Auto Start SmartPlays" in Advanced Settings (added in v4.1.36)
  • There are users who like to frequently "tweak" BeyondPod's settings. To save a few taps, there is a way to add "Settings" option directly to the Main menu. Go to Advanced Settings then select "Debug Settings" and enter ShowSettings=1 in the box. (added in v4.1.37)