Play your local media in BeyondPod

BeyondPod supports local (virtual) Feeds. Virtual feeds are feeds based on the contents of an SD card folder. You can use virtual feeds for your music files, audio books or any external audio/video files you may want to access from within BeyondPod. To create a virtual feed:

  • From the Feeds (left) drawer, select: + Add Feed >  Import Feeds > Add Folder as Virtual Feed.

One you add a folder as a "virtual" feed, any sub-folders will also appear as sub-folders in BeyondPod.

All audio/video files in this folder will appear as normal episodes and can be played using BeyondPod's internal player (with playback speed support, sleep timer etc.).

If you don’t want BeyondPod to automatically delete your local files when they finish playing, make sure you uncheck "Allow Podcast Deletions" in the Feed Properties. If you use virtual feeds for music, you may also find useful to uncheck "Save Played Position" so played position is not saved when you play the episode (e.g. episodes always play from the start).