Playing episodes at faster speeds

BeyondPod has an experimental support for variable playback speed. This is an experimental feature and may not work well on all devices. It depends on processor speed, episode format and drivers/codecs that device manufacturer has decided to include on the device. Playback speed support is disabled by default. To enable Playback speed tap on the 1X button on BeyondPod's player. Alternatively you can enable it in BeyondPod's  Settings > Player settings > Enable Speed Adjustment.

Playback speed can be changed between 0.3x (slow) and 3.0x (fast). There are several ways to select the playback speed for a given episode:

  • Change the speed directly in the player. Tapping on the 1x number located on the lower right side on the player screen will bring up the Playback speed option screen. From there you can select/change predefined speeds or select a speed using the slider bar. Long pressing on the same 1x number will toggle between 1x and your 2 predefined speeds.
  • Configure the playback speed for each feed independently. You can set the preferred playback speed for each feed in the feed settings for that feed.  Toe get to the feed settings,  long press on the feed name in the Feeds (left) drawer and select: Edit Feed > Advanced Settings > Preferred Playback Speed (don't forget to tap Save when finished).

There are some limits to what podcasts can be played at faster speed:

  • If you have a device running Ice Cream Sandwich - playback speed is supported only for MP3 files (downloaded episodes must have extension MP3 and be in MP3 format).
  • Devices running JellyBean and later in addition to MP3 files - BeyondPod can support other media formats (based on what media codecs are available on the device).
  • Playback speed is not supported when streaming (episode must be downloaded if you want to play at at different speed).
  • Playback speed is not supported for videos.

If you have trouble playing episodes at faster speeds, please check out our Troubleshooting Playback Speed Issues guide for possible solutions.