Scheduling Updates and Downloads

In addition to manually updating your feeds, BeyondPod supports scheduling of feed updates. You pick what Category you want updated, the time and the recurrence and BeyondPod will automatically update all feeds in that Category. If you have configured an automatic podcast download for your feeds all new podcasts will be automatically downloaded as part of the update.

To configure automatic updates for a category, open the Feeds drawer by tapping on the BeyondPod icon  located in top left corner of the screen (or swipe from the left side of the screen) then tap Manage Feeds.

Select the category you wish to set a schedule for and tap the overflow button (3 little dots) > Set Update Schedule. 

Categories that have scheduled updates will have an "update scheduled" icon with the time of the next update. You can also schedule an update for the "All Feeds" category - this will update all feeds regardless of their category.

If you have many feeds to be updated or the feeds have large podcasts, the update can completely drain your battery. To prevent that the update will start only if you have more than 5% of battery charge left. (If the device is charging, the update will start with any battery level).