Feedly Integration

BeyondPod can import feed subscriptions from Feedly. This provides a convenient way to manage your feed subscriptions on your desktop and then import them to your device.

To import your Feedly feeds, use + Add Feed >  Import Feeds > Import From Feedly.

With BeyondPod you can subscribe to individual feed or to aggregated feeds comprised on all new posts across all feeds in a given Feedly folder. You can find the aggregated feeds as import choices in "My Feedly Items" or as "All new items in..." inside each folder on the Feedly Import list.

When synchronizing with Feedly, BeyondPod recognizes "Read" and "Saved for Later" (Starred) items and will automatically "push" any status changes back to Feedly (the push will occur about 15 minutes after you mark the last item as Read or Starred).

All feeds that are loaded from Feedly pass thru a sophisticated feed processing engine that fixes most issues and incompatibilities in the format of the original feed. If you find a feed that has problems loading in BeyondPod directly, subscribing to that feed in Feedly and Importing it to BeyondPod usually makes the feed load correctly.

You can request any existing feed to be loaded from Feedly by checking "Sync With Feedly" check box in the feed properties. Requesting a feed from Feedly will load the content of the feed but will currently NOT automatically subscribe you to the feed in Feedly.

If you later decide that you no longer want to synchronize your feeds with Feedly, you can easily disconnect all feeds by going to: BeyondPod Settings > General Settings > Disconnect from Feedly.