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  1. Initial impressions on phone
  2. Suggestions for improvement
  3. Installation does not prompt
  4. Notification pause?
  5. Ongoing thoughts
  6. Thoughts after a few days
  7. Pause not working
  8. Can't add feed on N7
  9. Add a bookmark
  10. BeyondPod 4.0.12 BETA is available
  11. Can't use external player
  12. 'My Episodes' vs. 'All Published'
  13. Deleting downloaded podcasts but keep the streaming-links
  14. My first impressions from testing new beta app
  15. "What to play"
  16. Minor issues
  17. Feed list only showing Feeds with new Unplayed episodes. Episode "Date" too light.
  18. First Impressions and suggestions.
  19. Add all episodes to my episodes?
  20. Comments on the new beta
  21. Widget
  22. Some problems I'm having with non-streaming setup of Evo 4.0.13.
  23. No dark theme for 4.x?
  24. Beyondpod App Name - Tasker Minor Issue
  25. Multiple SmartPlay needs more categories!
  26. Multi-download bug(s)
  27. Can't find new episodes
  28. Things I like, things I miss, things I dislike.
  29. 4.0.16 requires uninstall of 4.0.15 on tablet
  30. Useability Issues
  31. Skip to the End Button
  32. My opinion of the new version
  33. New Beta Locked up Galaxy Note2.
  34. Galaxy S3 - Album Art flashing/oversized/scrolling?
  35. 1x1 Widget
  36. Thoughts on 4.x
  37. My Feeds button
  38. Went back to v3.x
  39. HOLD to skip to end
  40. Request: bring back the dark theme!
  41. Starting BP V.4 in Playlist (Car Mode)
  42. REMOVE play controls from lock screen
  43. Bring back the delete icon instead of menu
  44. Choppy playback at 2x speed
  45. Close button too small on download log
  46. The new layout Beta
  47. Settings -> Podcast download folder - UI-Bug
  48. Alternate Download Folder
  49. Feedback
  50. Move to top in playlist
  51. time/date of the latest episode in the feed category view
  52. v4.0.16 bugs and missing features with screenshots.
  53. Beta 4.0.16
  54. (Re)Start Smart Playlist
  55. Lockscreen Option Missing
  56. Useability problems, bugs, suggestions
  57. Missing 1x1 widget
  58. Really struggling with BP4 Evo
  59. My impressions - BETA 4.0.16
  60. Are there going to be any changes to the cross device syncing?
  61. back back back to main player screen and notification controls
  62. Unread only view, Refresh all feeds, and list view configuration
  63. Smartplay download
  64. minimum Android version for Evo
  65. Solved problem with bluetooth headset buttons!!
  66. Problem Parsing Package
  67. Please, Dont Mark Read MyEpisodes!
  68. Remove Played from Playlist
  69. smartplay adding not downloaded streams
  70. 4.0.16 not deleting??
  71. Remove Notification Player Entirely
  72. Still no chapter support
  73. Issues with new installation, updating
  74. Tried DoggCatcher and BeyondPod is 1000% easier to use.
  75. Exit BeyondPod
  76. BeyondPod Beta - Not Responding Correctly to Headphone Controls
  77. My impressions - BeyondPod 4.x
  78. Notification issues
  79. Where has "Episode details" gone?
  80. Why no All New (or similar) tab?
  81. Tapping update notification hangs
  82. Requested change for SmartPlay
  83. 4.0.17 - It's getting there.
  84. BETA 4.0.17: Can't Download RSS Feed
  85. Finally trying Evolution, a few qustions
  86. Toggle widget missing
  87. Play screen flashes erratically while playing.
  88. Minor sliding issue
  89. 4.0.17 - thumbnails not being generated
  90. No widget customisation options
  91. 4.0.17 - how do I delete all played/read episodes?
  92. scheduled download never finds new episodes
  93. Thank you for all your feedback - we're reading it all, but ...
  94. Not pausing for Google voice search
  95. Enter car mode when I connect to my car
  96. Dark theme
  97. New features request
  98. Mark as Read?
  99. New speed selector (4.0.17)
  100. 4.0.17 Podcast Artwork
  101. Lock screen widget issues
  102. A few thoughts
  103. New beta UI .. quirks
  104. Feature Request - Total Time information
  105. skip to next disabled but still showing on notification widget
  106. Rethink needed
  107. Slower to open?
  108. Odd behavior with failed update
  109. Feature Request - Dark Mode
  110. Podcasts not downloading
  111. 4.17 Player page's menu doesn't stay open
  112. feature request: volume normalization
  113. add feeds from feedly?
  114. Chromecast audio playback has a pink background
  115. Better way to submit feature requests and or bugs?
  116. Feature Request: Podlove
  117. Updated Tasker Integration
  118. Car mode - bigger buttons?
  119. Adding new feed - how to mark "uncategorized"?
  120. Playlist Number Unnecessary?
  121. bp Shutting Down!
  122. Dates and Category colors in Playlist
  123. Chromecast/Bluetooth Select Button
  124. Car Bluetooth Auto Starts Player?
  125. Initial feedback
  126. Does cleanup delete episodes in Smartplay?
  127. Volume control somehow changes what is being played
  128. Car play mode
  129. Evo v4.0.17 Crashing
  130. 2 Bugs
  131. Feature: Enhanced Auto for variable speed
  132. S5 Shows All Episodes Instead Of Categorr
  133. Couple issues
  134. Podcasts available to download
  135. Not rebuilding playlist
  136. lost feeds when updated to beta
  137. bug: bluetooth speaker won't pause/play BeyondPod
  138. need quick way to exit BeyondPod
  139. Request: Add option to disable "skip to end" button in Notification tray
  140. Beyond Pod EVO impression
  141. download but not added to playlist
  142. My feedback so far. The episode list should be more compact and scrolling is broken.
  143. 4.0.19 Feature requests (some old, some new)
  144. card info inconsistent
  145. 4.0.19 Feedback
  146. High battery usage on on beta 4.0.19
  147. Program Information Not Showing on Car Display
  148. Option to disable or otherwise not show "what to play"
  149. Creating a Smarplay playlist - drag the rule
  150. I really don't get this player!? At all!
  151. Quickplay shortcuts
  152. 4.0.19: When not playing, frequently resets current track position to 0
  153. Please update the SmartPlay editor
  154. Random Audio corruption when screen turns off with 4.0.19
  155. Bug: v4.0.19 pause on headphone disconnect
  156. Chromecast showing wrong album art
  157. Bluetooth dropping more with each new release
  158. "Previous" Button in "Car Mode"
  159. 4.0 feeback - pull to refresh
  160. BP doesn't close when using back button, have to use force close.
  161. ellipsized text...
  162. Player screen screwed up!
  163. Notification widget screwed up
  164. First impression
  165. Podcast Download Folder reset with new beta
  166. Menu bar disappears when playlist finishes
  167. Android broadcast to update multiple categories/smartplay lists at the same time.
  168. Usability on television devices
  169. Unable to play downloaded episodes from isc1.sans.org
  170. Issues with BeyondPod Evo in the foreground
  171. play list
  172. Bug: tapping notification when no error leads to black screen
  173. Widget click settings
  174. Feeds Auto Update When I Open Them
  175. Problems with Google Search app while Beyondpod playing...
  176. Loving the newest album art (and a few other likes and one niggle)
  177. Loving the volume boost
  178. latest beta 4.0.22 BROKE!
  179. My 5 cents
  180. uninstalled
  181. Feature Suggestion
  182. Beta 4.0.22| My Impressions!
  183. Changes to the Beta I'd like to see
  184. Where are "advanced settings"? How to manually rebuild smartplay? Smartplay sort req.
  185. Any chance you'll add Roku support??
  186. Notification remains after closing Beyondpod with 4.0.22 update
  187. Notification Icon color
  188. Is the skip to next functionality gone?
  189. Am I the only one that misses the old coffee cup icon?
  190. 4.0.22 seems have turned off the option to keep the paused notification
  191. Move the "Skip the current episode" far from the Android navigation buttons
  192. Unclear how to play all unread in a single category
  193. Manual Updates Override Power/Data Settings?
  194. Can't find where to edit my Smart Playlist
  195. One feed not showing up on the list.
  196. Play more episodes from play screen
  197. Question about workflow when have a lot of podcasts.
  198. Suggestions
  199. version 4
  200. Package error
  201. Widget suggestions
  202. Viewing a list of feeds only (without episodes mixed in)
  203. Add "By Category" sort option to "All Episodes" screen
  204. My biggest complaint: the name
  205. 4.0.24 changes to bluetooth behaviour?
  206. Is the "Use Episode Album Art" option somewhere I can turn off ?
  207. Bug: Automatic Updates / Update on Schedule unchecks itself
  208. Not seeing Chromecast button
  209. BeyondPod keeps closing/crashing
  210. Hide Read Feeds option missing?
  211. v4.0.24 Feedback
  212. Playback speed broken .24?
  213. Panels doesn't load up when I open Beyondpod
  214. The "next" button does nothing on main player
  215. Problem with https feeds?
  216. Add to playlist icon doesn't change from + to - and it will add more than once
  217. Sleep to end of episode
  218. Workaround for Activating Pro under Chrome
  219. Unable to Play Podcast
  220. Upgrading from 3.x to 4.x fixed feed
  221. Just to let you know, miissing letter in "Feed Problem" pop up
  222. BeyondPod Unable To Connect to Podcast Feed
  223. BUG: Pop-out link not working
  224. 4.0.26 install error: "There was a problem parsing the package" and exit
  225. Problem "There was a problem parsing the package" when downloading APK using Dolphin
  226. Beta 4.0.24
  227. 4.x Requests to Improve Navigation, Car Mode
  228. Manage "up to date" feeds
  229. Not resuming after notification
  230. Podcasts not deleting after played. ver. 4.0.22-26
  231. The new beta is ... excellent.
  232. Hide Skip-To-End Button
  233. BeyondPod is rebooting my android phone.
  234. Play videos as audio does not work when using the play button on the episode
  235. Is there a Resume All paused downloads function?
  236. Feed view inconsistency
  237. EVO doesn't show the correct Episode Title in some cases
  238. BeyondPod Beta 4.0.26 Crashes When Using Episode Scan Bar - Verizon LG G3
  239. Play/Pause in External API
  240. 4.0.30 RC1 -- Thanks!
  241. BeyondPod turns off automatic updates
  242. Add "Download Episode" to Episode Context Menu On Playlist
  243. Missing features - proper views for episodes (Filters and Playlists)
  244. BeyondPod 4.0.31 RC2 is available
  245. Crash / Quits when using Maps or Camera
  246. Can't find Force Portrait Mode
  247. Crash / Freeze on large feeds
  248. SmartPlay Thank You
  249. "Delete Played" is too hidden
  250. BeyondPod skipping ahead in episodes while phone is locked