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  1. Forum Discussion
  2. OT: Problems when upgrading to ICS (Android 4+)
  3. Videos playing in background - Can't get it to work
  4. Play Music sideloading BeyondPod podcasts
  5. Please disable debugging in android version!!!
  6. How can I mark all of posdcast as UNread.
  7. Smart playlist adds podcast that are marked unread
  8. BeyondPod does not respect podcasts marked read when downloading episodes
  9. Podcast RSS feed download not recognized
  10. Nook people, come in
  11. Can't download the key, even though it shows "Purchased"?
  12. older episodes
  13. Problem with saving podcasts into external SD
  14. What Podcast Directories Does BeyondPod Use?
  15. blip.tv problem
  16. Am I doing something wrong?
  17. Democracy Now does not download
  18. Deep Harvesting of Articles within RSS Feed
  19. New episodes not downloading, please help!
  20. Episodes will only play 1-2 Seconds
  21. Compatible with Sony's SmartWatch?
  22. Pause & Resume for Notifications & Navigation
  23. URGENT! BeyondPod will only save podcasts to the internal memory
  24. losing titles and descriptions of previously downloaded podcasts
  25. Somehow pause and restart player while phone screen is 'locked'?
  26. Cleanup of Old Episodes
  27. Moving download location
  28. Noisy error about failed scheduled update
  29. Episodes formerly listed 'Play/Delete' now "Re-Download/Stream", files still on disc
  30. pause on power unplug
  31. Deleting podcast episodes but the files remain
  32. Retrieving old podcast episodes not shown in 'Feed'
  33. How Stuff Works Podcasts (Stuff You Should Know, etc) showing up as 60X play length
  34. Playlist won't play more than 1 podcast
  35. Help! After Listening to Podcasts They Re-Download The Next Day
  36. BeyondPod Hanging
  37. 'Invalid Redirect URL' Forum Error
  38. Update feeds with Tasker
  39. Application not responding
  40. Local feeds not sorted by filename, even though it is set to
  41. Video Orientation
  42. New UI
  43. In Version 3.0.14 "Back" Key ends Beyond Pod instead of returning to main screen
  44. Old Version Still On Amazon
  45. Issues with playing items from playlists.
  46. Problem with Episodes Lists
  47. Unable to connect to remote Web Server! Http status code: 404
  48. Bluetooth Controls (Play/Stop) causing bad BeyondPod behavior
  49. Does anyone else have problems with the following podcasts?
  50. BeyondPod is streaming downloaded podcasts
  51. Bluetooth controls issue
  52. the new video player's background is grey!
  53. SSL Certificate mismatch on sites that require SNI
  54. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" 8GB Tablet for $200
  55. Announcements Forum
  56. Getting singular podcasts into beyondpod
  57. Episode Cleanup
  58. Legal Question for BeyondPod team.
  59. Update Failure - Recent Occurance/ICS upgrade.
  60. New BeyondPod team member
  61. Some podcasts just not being downloaded
  62. Download from Youtube
  63. Request From BeyondPod Team: Requirements for Flattr support
  64. How do I downgrade to BP 2.x?
  65. Multi-Part Episodes: Only first is downloaded.
  66. Bug Report: Random stopping of audio player
  67. Apple's new podcast app looks very familiar!
  68. Thumbnails
  69. can't see the logic of read/unread... or change it
  70. Getting version earlier than 2.9.15
  71. Poor UI in 3.x
  72. Zoom control and fit to width no longer available
  73. How do YOU use BeyondPod? Help shape future versions
  74. 100 Episode limit?
  75. File renaming
  76. How to retrieve past podcasts?
  77. Bluetooth Headset Question
  78. SD Card Read Only Failure
  79. download option disappears!
  80. Extreme update problem -- feed changes with each update...
  81. Feed tab replaced by Episodes tab when locking screen
  82. Marking episode read doesn't remove it from playlist
  83. Inconsistent tab symbols
  84. Allow getting rid of Episodes tab
  85. Jelly Bean
  86. Time resume problem
  87. Delete after Played
  88. BackupManager
  89. streaming episode randomly stops and disappears from the playlist
  90. Using Categories from Feeds?
  91. Runaway background data use
  92. Add all episodes in feed to playlist
  93. License transfer
  94. Specific Feed Problem - Slashdot.org
  95. Sanyo zio problems
  96. Losing downloaded information
  97. Future of BeyondPod
  98. why is it downloading "read" episodes?
  99. BeyondPod won't open from browser link
  100. Resolution issue
  101. Using BeyondPod on Phone AND Tablet
  102. Scheduling updates - exceptions
  103. Young Turks Issue
  104. Video format problem
  105. Confusing (and buggy?) update feed settings
  106. License Transfer
  107. Some podcasts in playlist have no duration
  108. Re-downloading old posts (NPR and WNYC)
  109. Lock-Screen Control
  110. Not syncing listened to items with Google Reader
  111. "This feed has no content" for feed with content
  112. Archived episodes
  113. SmartPlay: add today's episodes only? sort list by release date?
  114. Mark Read vs Toggle Played?
  115. Feed setting in case of multiple releases for a same subject.
  116. Beyondpod freezes sometimes on "Restart Smartplay"
  117. Unable to import Google Reader feeds to Podcast
  118. How to mark old episodes in one batch as downloded
  119. Manually downloading episodes/adding files to playlist
  120. BeyondPod misses every second command from HeadsetDroid
  121. Podcasts showing up in Google Play Music
  122. Steaming with Bluetooth on the Samsung Galaxy Blaze
  123. Top 5 episodes regardless of download status?
  124. Feed Sort Order doesn't seem to be working
  125. Making BeyondPod work like Google Listen
  126. Podcast episodes won't "unpause"
  127. The Economist (All Audio) showing latest episode as from October of 2011
  128. How does BeyondPod identity "new" downloads?
  129. Streaming Restarting
  130. How does BeyondPod identity "new" downloads?
  131. help for fat fingers on Episodes screen
  132. Quick question about the Tablet edition
  133. OPML File doesn't import
  134. Downloading Feeds video for brightcove, e.g. drdrobbs.com?
  135. So far, so good, but a qestion...
  136. Keeping Starred Episodes
  137. Playlist clears when episode ends
  138. How do get beyond pod to recognize files manually placed on sdcard?
  139. Not seeing downloaded podcasts after re-install
  140. video playback on ICS "smeared" for some videos
  141. Trouble downloading/playing one specific podcast: "Driven Car Reviews"
  142. prefernce setting to change data savlng location
  143. Can't restart podcasts
  144. BeyondPod downloading over mobile even when download over wifi only is checked
  145. BeyondPod and Bluetooth Not Playing Well Together
  146. startup issue
  147. 3.0.19 "playback error!" at end of podcast playback
  148. battery drain issue - always "awake" when playing?
  149. How I use BeyondPod
  150. Tasker: turn off wifi after updating quickplay?
  151. BeyondPod no longer plays after ICS update
  152. What's wrong with this RSS feed?
  153. Download all episodes?
  154. Defaulting to an external player such as PowerAmp
  155. Two issues with using BeyondPod for listening to old entries on RSS feeds
  156. Doesnt resume where it left off
  157. Delete done episodes
  158. Where are episode descriptions?
  159. Force episodes to download rather than stream?
  160. Pause Notification (v 3.0.37)
  161. Does BP use an Equalizer?
  162. Playlist sharing
  163. download does not start after actualization
  164. can't skip forward
  165. Feed don't work - Redirection to mobile page
  166. Problems with certain podcasts
  167. Problem when downloading multiple episodes at once
  168. Where is the advance menu ??
  169. Forum moderation - dealing with invisible posts and threads
  170. Update log oddity
  171. Episodes Not Dowloading on new Galaxy SIII
  172. Subscribe button not working
  173. Can't create a feed from local directory
  174. Update without downloading?
  175. Add one and another gets subtracted
  176. Bluetooth "end of episode" button does not mark the episode read
  177. Playback Notification Controls never go away once started?
  178. bug: Place within an episode is sometimes lost in v3.0.37
  179. Beyond Pod trying to update every 15 minutes
  180. Free third party app: FilterPod
  181. Increased battery drain on JellyBean (Galaxy S3)
  182. When away from wifi downloaded podcasts disappear
  183. Cannot Import OPMl file nor restore from backup.
  184. Problem with sorting downloaded episodes
  185. Phone locks up after Automatic Updates
  186. Notification item disappearing in Jellybean 4.1?
  187. Beyondpod is not responding
  188. video stops
  189. Stop all notifications while a podcast is playing
  190. How to reset storage to internal memory?
  191. Deleting issue - Deleted file names still appear in phones music player
  192. Android notification sounds lost
  193. BeyondPod Unlock Key not compatible with Fire HD 8.9?
  194. Starting streaming a new episode clears the current playlist
  195. Download stops after one or two minutes
  196. reset default player
  197. Cannot log in to Google Reader
  198. Force Unique Names option not working
  199. change default player
  200. L A Theatre Works does not work in BP but is fine in iTunes
  201. Album artwork not displayed
  202. Bug: Backup & Restore
  203. BeyondPod is replaying already listened to content after pause
  204. Android Phone's Back Button a problem
  205. Single Delete, not Double Delete
  206. Display Text Lines
  207. podcat listen progress being lost
  208. Duplicate BeyondPod Folders and Google Music
  209. Lock screen widget question.
  210. Playback randomly stops on Nexus 7
  211. Trouble downloading old video podcasts
  212. App permissions - Question
  213. Issue subscribing to podcast feed
  214. As a podcast publisher, how to show more than the most 10 recent episodes in the feed
  215. Galaxy Nexus with 4.2.1 and Bluetooth
  216. Lock Screen Controls With Jellybean 4.2.1
  217. unable to create new sd-card import fees on sgs3
  218. CM10.1 migration advice?
  219. Very slow
  220. Cannot download certain podcast on WiFi
  221. Display Screen
  222. "Hide Unsupported Media" Feature not working
  223. Beyondpod gets killed while playing in the background
  224. Playlist Problems..
  225. Video paused several times during playback
  226. Difference between tablet and "regular" version
  227. Delete and play next didn't seem to work
  228. Sync between phone and tablet? sync between phone/tablet and desktop?
  229. manual "podcast"?
  230. send audio to BT mono headset..BP only podcather not working?
  231. App downloaded 2.88 GB over 2 days... not sure why?
  232. Podcasts completing before I finish listening
  233. Migrating from one phone to another
  234. Resst phone and lost payment details for BeyondPod - Trial expired.
  235. Why are new episodes not getting added to my playlist?
  236. Recreate configuration
  237. BeyondPod is streaming instead of downloading!
  238. Feed not working
  239. BeyondPod feedback
  240. Problems with BBC podcasts
  241. Playlist problems on tablet version, memory problems on phone version
  242. Playback stopping unexpectedly and repeatedly
  243. Hide Podcasts from Music Player ??
  244. mp3 store prestashop 1.5 templates 2013
  245. Cannot subscribe to Geek Friday
  246. Keeping old, played podcasts available
  247. How to make Tasker if BeyondPod is playing/pausing audio?
  248. SmartPlay Podcasts not finishing before a new one starts
  249. Syncing deletes across devices
  250. How does Last.fm sync work with Beyondpod?