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  1. Just for your website/forums - suggest SSL?
  2. Idea: setting to allow played at say 95%
  3. Add feature: Once downloaded, mark as read on Google Reader.
  4. Move playback progress bar to top
  5. Option to specify where to save downloaded media
  6. More playlist options please
  7. Alternate M3U file content
  8. Support for Flattr payments to podcasters to show appreciation
  9. Syncing playlist/playback between devices
  10. Chapter Stops in MP3
  11. Transparent or black background option for widgets
  12. Sleep Shake & Local Directories
  13. Character Encodings not being replaced everywhere.
  14. don't truncate episode titles to single line
  15. Add "none" to list of headset button actions
  16. Regex title filtering
  17. Playlist Count on header bar (change)
  18. Pause updates widget
  19. Request for static playlists
  20. Time remaining indicator on widget
  21. Option for 'skip', 'star' buttons on widget
  22. Text to speech for text-based feeds
  23. Playlist: Build a Playlist from multiple Categories
  24. Download/Cleanup ideas
  25. Set Presto speed per feed.
  26. Prioritize download order in download queue.
  27. Add the ability to stream a podcast that is currently downloading.
  28. Integrate With Ford Sync
  29. Facebook Timeline Integration
  30. Pause on Power Disconnect & Long-Press to Rew/FF.
  31. Dynamic Range Compression
  32. Mark for Downloading
  33. Pause and restart while screen is off?
  34. Duration of Pending Podcasts incorrect
  35. Drop Pins/Marks/Bookmarks on a podcast while watching/listening to it
  36. Large area for skip forward and back
  37. chronological playlist
  38. Send episode to cloud storage
  39. Handling Duplicate Podcast
  40. Desktop/"Hosted" Support
  41. support for xml-file to configure a new feed
  42. Better Filtering
  43. Pioneer Appradio2
  44. Play/Pause on Lock Screen
  45. Use embedded artwork instead of the Android media database artwork
  46. Trash / Add-Delete to Playlist / Read-Unread Action Icons in Feed Content View
  47. See Unread Count in pull-down
  48. SmartPlay list ordered by filename
  49. Alarm Clock
  50. Create new playlist from Episodes view
  51. Keep BP in foreground when temporarily paused due to audio alert from other app
  52. start/resume playing current podcast when headphones are plugged
  53. auto jump to player screen when podcast is launched
  54. Add "add to playlist" button on the episodes view
  55. PlayBook application
  56. Show: Unread
  57. Widget Click Action
  58. Go Back 30 seconds
  59. Bluetooth resume on connect...
  60. Automatic modification of mp3 tags
  61. Implement BitTorrent downloads
  62. Flipping phone over to pause player
  63. Faster Speed
  64. Sound Check/Audio Levelling
  65. Starting a video ends up in the playlist... should it?
  66. SmartPlay videos as audio only for car use
  67. Sort numbers in names properly
  68. Start SmartPlay with headset button
  69. Scan QR code to add podcast.
  70. Name of feed in player
  71. Pebble watch integration
  72. Skip/jump to chapter marks in mp4 files
  73. Back up after pause.
  74. Jb bp!
  75. A gap in playback after skip.
  76. Following podcasts in chronological order
  77. sync feeds across devices
  78. Optionally display dc:creator in full item/article view
  79. Automatic retry
  80. Notification icons per feed
  81. Multiple Smartplay lists?
  82. (1) Add ep. cleanup to feed view & (2) a way to update & apply feed ep. keep settings
  83. more control of widget transparency
  84. Move the location of the playback speed button
  85. add playlist view to possible startup screens
  86. Notification bar play pause toggles
  87. Placeholder? Can't get back to what I was listening to...
  88. Cleanup: "Played only?"
  89. Update Feed settings
  90. Sense of community in podcasts
  91. Interest "Ignore Downloaded Status" Option
  92. Download Rules
  93. BeyondPod gadget should have a button to set/remove sleep timer.
  94. Streaming playback issues since anddroid phone upgrade
  95. additional Widget to show updated Feeds
  96. Opus
  97. Disable or long press option for scrubber bar
  98. please translate it into spanish
  99. Add RSS feed form browser
  100. Padfone: Tablet+Phone version stay together. Whats wrong?
  101. Podcasts
  102. Hide posts without media
  103. Podcast info over Blutooth (AVRCP 1.3 - Metadata info)
  104. Speed button position change
  105. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 - ext sd
  106. Option for auto-download of podcast episodes according to user-defined criteria
  107. Google reader login expired
  108. see which podcasts are new
  109. Automatically clean up played episodes
  110. Before New Features - Get Rid of the Bugs
  111. Preserve visual settings when opening an episode in the internal browser
  112. Download episode image along with the text
  113. stop download if below a certain %
  114. Download and queue standalone or non-feeded episodes
  115. Swipe feature request
  116. Update economy
  117. Spanish translation
  118. Add multi-window functionality for the Galaxy Note 2
  119. Video Playback Spped
  120. playback volume when Google navigation gives sunny
  121. Save downloaded podcasts with the same file name as the episode name
  122. Stop downloading when specified amount of free space is reached
  123. tasker plugin to remove the notification bar player
  124. Create beyondpod for Windows Phone 8
  125. Sync with a Google Reader label
  126. extSdCard - Do I have to beg?
  127. History of played episodes.
  128. BeyondPod would be a killer app for PlayStation Vita
  129. Synchronizing Play Position and Read Status Across Platforms
  130. scrub controls at bottom of Episodes tab
  131. Make description text more readable on Player tab
  132. Permanent lock screen widget
  133. Consider large buttons (play, ff...)
  134. Allow option to change behavior of feed items when clicked
  135. Built in DLNA Server to allow direct streaming of podcasts to home network
  136. Add option to keep feed entries after dropped from feed
  137. Add alternate item image sources
  138. Add a sub forum for people to discuss their feeds
  139. Search results for feeds in BP should show the date of last episode
  140. Shuffle for SmartPlay
  141. Podlove
  142. Add (temporary) sort option for playlist
  143. >>>>>>>>>> SPOILER ALERT!!! Feature
  144. Add old episodes
  145. Gpodder.net integration
  146. SmartPlay - only downloaded items
  147. Log File
  148. Pause/disable network access
  149. Pause on receiving of a call received event
  150. Allow slower playback than 0.5x?
  152. A robust scheduler
  153. Thumbnail Grid Display of Feeds option for easier driving usage.
  154. BeyondPod for Web/Browser?
  155. Improve "Long Episode Names"
  156. SmartPlay - add M-F and other weekday-based options
  157. Two suggestion
  158. Subscribe from the PC
  159. External SD - Path selection
  160. SmartFeeds/QuickFeeds
  161. Launch / Update via Intent
  162. Playlist Sort
  163. Search by text in the feeds / Save searchs in a new category
  164. Dashclock
  165. Brazilian Portuguese translation
  166. Remap lockscreen controls
  167. Important suggestion
  168. A few small things
  169. Detailed File Name Control
  170. Retain unplayed episodes
  171. Support subscribing through alternate link
  172. smartplay - learn listening behavior?
  173. "After Playing" behaviour in Playlists only.
  174. Ebook compatibility
  175. "Episode Details" confusion
  176. Mark previous as read
  177. Search for episodes within a feed
  178. Tiny Tiny RSS
  179. Mark all as unread
  180. Allow 3x speed for playback
  181. Allow long-press on playback speed button on player window to pop up select list
  182. True log for feed update
  183. Update Feeds only
  184. Add 'Finished' to list of episode filters
  185. Support torrent feeds
  186. Exclude individual episodes from Smart Play
  187. transcode after downloading?
  188. Online offering with Episode sync to Phone and/or Tablet
  189. Bluetooth toggle
  190. external sd storage
  191. Skip intro of episodes ("Skip first n seconds")
  192. Set podcast to "read" when "download" is tapped
  193. Improve Lock Screen Controls
  194. Limit Number Of Episodes Show In Feed
  195. single volume each feed (like from -5 to +5)
  196. Add Support for Simple Chapters
  197. Publish betas via official Google Play beta programm
  198. AB repeat, playing part of the episode
  199. Compressor to level podcast volumes
  200. Design Suggestions :)
  201. Video Player Enhancements
  202. Playback speed control!!!!!
  203. sharing podcast feature
  204. Music EQ
  205. sleep timer default
  206. lock/unlock feed
  207. 3g for only select small podcasts.eg. hourly updates like news.EVERYTHING else wifi
  208. Shake to pause/resume
  209. A new widget that combines features of both the new and legacy widget
  210. Functionality for Answer/End call button for BOSE headphones
  211. Retry failed downloads?
  212. Exclude feed from update feature
  213. Set a default feed image for a virtual feed
  214. Customize Buttons on Notifications Player & Lock Screen Player
  215. "Live" Feed?
  216. Ability to set which episodes of a feed will auto download
  217. Selecting podcast text
  218. Option to combine a stereo file into a mono audio signal?
  219. ChromeCast/GoogleCast support!
  220. Social, Rating component
  221. Create Desktop App
  222. Import Audio Files (Consolidate BP player for all listening)
  223. Improved Widget 4x2 Audible-esque
  224. Playing video podcasts in the background
  225. A third tab for today uploaded episodes of all or selected feeds
  226. Protection of playlists
  227. Support Simple Last.fm Scrobbler Directly
  228. Better Lock Screen Widget
  229. More 'skip forward' intervals between 1 minute and 5 minutes
  230. Tap to scroll
  231. Suggest new rules for SmartPlay
  232. Support of paged feeds
  233. Select output device
  234. Starred filter
  235. "Delete Played" option for all feeds, instead of only one at a time
  236. Add setting to boost bluetooth volume/gain (and maybe one for speaker boost/gain)
  237. 1.25 Speed
  238. Reviewing new episodes
  240. Delete/keep option at end of podcast
  241. Web page to play podcasts?
  242. History of what was played
  243. Change Bluetooth fast forward and next episode actions
  244. Sync to PC app
  245. Auto play shortcuts
  246. Gestures for Player screen
  247. Popup to request mobile data usage when updating feeds manually
  248. Playlist editor, quick push to top
  249. command control close notification
  250. Number of times played