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02-22-2013, 04:59 PM
So I have a Galaxy tab 2 7 and Galaxy S3. I make my own feeds for some video podcasts with 2 episode formats (different resolutions to fill the screen). With episode sync on, now both formats are downloaded on both devices, and only the version i watched is deleted (also from both devices). Could there be a setting to allow for 2 versions of the same podcast to sync? I can PM a link if you like.

02-22-2013, 05:30 PM
The premise that syncing is built on is to make "this" device behave as though a shared episode was played on "this" device, even if it was played on another device. And to keep things simple.

This means, as you have found, that only the version you have actually played will look as though it has been played on all devices being synced that share that feed. The same would be true if you downloaded both versions to a single device. Only the one you had actually played would be marked as played. The other one wouldn't.

As I understand it, for this to work there would need to be some mechanism within a feed to denote that two versions of a podcast (e.g. video and audio, or different video resolutions) are equivalent, and for BeyondPod to know that listening to or watching one is the same thing as listening to or watching any other version of it. As far as I know, no such mechanism exists (although I may be wrong). That being the case, it's not possible to treat them as being equivalent across multiple devices either.

This is essentially the same request as having both a video and audio version of a podcast on the same device, and having the progress in the video version being reflected in the audio version and vice-versa. It's conceivable that BeyondPod could, in the future have some sort of setting that understands and handles that equivalence for multiple versions of the same content (whether you're using syncing or not), but for the time-being, the aim is to keep sync very simple, with the minimum of settings.