View Full Version : How to get notified when new BETA versions are released

05-03-2013, 04:58 PM
Using Google Play BETA channel.
Join BeyondPod Beta Test Google group (https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/beyondpod-beta-test) and follow the instructions in the first post.

IMPORTANT! If you are currently using a beta downloaded from our web site (sideloaded), keep in mind that Google Play may not allow you to update it directly - you have to uninstall it and install the BETA version from Google Play. Devices track how apps are installed - (Google Play or sideloded) and Google Play will not update sideloaded apps. If you decide to uninstall/re-install, make sure to do a backup (Menu > More > Settings > Backup) and restore it after the install to preserve your settings.

Manual Download (sideloading).
Latest BETA versions of BeyondPod can be downloaded directly from our PHONE (http://www.beyondpod.mobi/android/BETA/Default.aspx) or TABLET (http://www.beyondpod.mobi/android/BETA/HDBeta.aspx) BETA pages.

BeyondPod can also notify you when new BETA versions of BeyondPod are released.
To enable BETA notifications go to Menu > More > Settings > General Settings and check "Beta Version Notifications".

(We try to release new BETA versions about once a week)