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06-06-2013, 04:09 PM

I want to make a proposal for a more playlist centered syncing.

Currently I am downloading the episodes on my device and this is occupying several GB on my device. But I do not listen to all episodes from all feeds and usually I am first reading their description and then I may add them to the playlist. Unfortunately I have to do this manually on both devices so I thought about another solution:

The playlist is the representation of the downloaded episodes. As soon as I add an episode to the playlist BeyondPod will sync this to the other device and both devices will download the episode locally. EpisodeSync will then continue operating normally and sync the playback position between them but as soon as I remove an episode from the playlist it gets removed on both devices and the local file will the deleted as well.

In my opinion such a solution would fit much more to my use case and it would automate everything in a very convenient way. What do you think about this? Would this be a bad solution? Can I already achieve something similar with other settings?

Dennis Rockwell
06-07-2013, 08:19 AM
I *think* that what you might want to do is update your feeds without downloading anything (why spend the time and juice to download something you're not going to listen to?), check over the descriptions, then download all unread episodes.

On the tablet version (the phone UI is different, so YMMV), the "update" loopy arrow for the feed (not the one in the top bar, the one next to "next update: ...") updates without downloading anything, but that's for just the one feed; I don't know how many you have (I have over 100), so this doesn't scale for me, but it might for you.

Julie, is there a way to separate "update" and "download"? I *think* he would like automatic bulk update w/o download, make his selections, then use the existing "update smartplay feeds" to download all unread episodes.

And really, the playlist should be the list of what you want to hear, generally a subset of the downloaded episodes. For me, it's often everything, but I download just one episode at a time from most of my feeds.

06-07-2013, 01:06 PM
You can choose with each feed what you want to do, under Feed Podcast Episodes. Options are
Manually Download Episodes
Download Latest
Stream Latest
Download in order
Stream in order
Ignore all

I never can remember the difference between Manually Download and Ignore, but I'm guessing the Manually Download does at least update the feed on a refresh, whereas Ignore probably doesn't. So I'd guess that what you want is Manually Download for all of the feeds that you want to pick and choose from.

You could either manually download the episodes you want on your "main" device, one-by-one and then use AutoPlay or Add All to Playlist, or SmartPlay rules to play them. Or you can add the episodes you want to your playlist first, and then go to the playlist and choose Download All from there.

Once you've downloaded them on one device, they'll be marked to be streamed on your other synced devices. Once that has happened, you could either add them to your playlist from the Episode view (where you should see them because they've been marked for streaming), or sort them into the order you want and AutoPlay them from there, and if you want, you can Download All in playlist in the same way that you did on the other device.

To answer the original question, Playlist Sync can only really work if both/all devices have identical setups and feeds. BP's aim is to allow each device to play to its strengths - you may want to play your video podcasts on a tablet which has a larger screen, but limited storage and only a WiFi connection. So, on this device, you may choose to stream the majority of your episodes. On a phone with an external SD card that you listen to in the car, you may want to concentrate on audio-only podcasts, and download them all so you're not dependent on (or paying for) data over an unreliable data connection.

As soon as you try to control the playlist centrally and sync it, all sorts of conflicts between the "central" playlist and the device's own settings come into play (and anyway, how do you define the "central" playlist), and then you have to decide which settings should take priority. And then users will want to decide for themselves which settings should take priority. And then you get into a real mess of options and unpredictability. See this old post (http://www.beyondpod.com/forum/showthread.php?949-Can-t-Create-Account&p=3360&viewfull=1#post3360) for a slightly longer explanation.

There are plans for BeyondPod to be able to sync the Currently Playing episode (i.e. always insert what you've just been listening to at the top of the playlist on each device that subscribes to the feed it belongs to*), but nothing more than that, I'm afraid.


* So note, that even then, there is still the possibility that if you're listening to Podcast A from Feed A on Device X, it still won't resume playing on Device Y if Device Y doesn't subscribe to Feed A

06-07-2013, 03:55 PM
Thank you for your replies.
Now I see that a playlist sync would cause several new issues. I will try the "Manually Download" approach and maybe this is a suitable solution for me. :)