View Full Version : Resuming playback on chromecast takes forever

12-19-2013, 12:49 PM
Is anyone else having an issue where resuming playback of a podcast on the chromecast takes forever to start? The chromecast recognizes the play/pause commands right away and the artwork loads right away and it also knows the timestamp right away. However, when pressing play it gets stuck on the spinning circle for a long time. Starting a podcast that has never been played works fine. I've tried this on two android devices and they both have the same issue. Also other chromecast apps have no issue with starting playback within a matter of seconds.

12-19-2013, 01:44 PM
This issue is usually related to the way podcast publisher's servers are set and the format/encoding of the media they use.

When playing on a Chromecast device the episode is always streamed directly from the publisher's servers. For most publishers, their servers are optimized for downloading the entire episode and don't behave very well when trying to stream it. When trying to resume from a certain position, CC device requests a portion of the file and for some reason many servers take unusually long time to respond. In either case at this point it is the player on the CC device and the publisher server that try to negotiate and buffer sufficient amount of data - BeyondPod has no control over that process.

In contrast to YouTube, Google Music, Netflix etc. who have control of the entire media delivery chain (content, servers and device) we are at the mercy of the servers and the format of the media that each publisher uses - some work better than others.


12-19-2013, 02:35 PM
Thank you for the response!