View Full Version : Bizarre behavior in asymmetric configuration

Dennis Rockwell
02-21-2014, 10:25 AM
In dealing with other issues, I've deleted and re-installed BP on my phone and tablet, enabling sync on both.

The tablet is marked as accepting deletes from other devices, the phone is not; both are marked to accept feeds from other devices.

My problem is that the devices fell seriously out of sync with each other. I do essentially all of my listening on the phone, but the tablet appears to no be paying attention to deleted episodes on the phone.

My real question is, how do I force the tablet into sync, so it stays that way? Should I disable updates on the tablet, and just let it trail the phone's actions?

Detail: from observed behavior, I'm thinking that sync is event-driven, not state-driven, so there isn't a state transfer mechanism.



02-21-2014, 10:56 AM
Hi Dennis

It IS event driven, and events are saved for a finite time (2 weeks, if I'm not mistaken).

The intention is that the two (or more) devices can behave indepently, will potentially different feeds, different feed settings, etc., whilst still being aware of changes to common feeds. (This allows people to use a tablet primarily for video feeds and phone primarily for audio feeds, for instance - or a home-based tablet without much storage to stream episodes while a phone downloads them.)

The easiest way to get in sync - assuming you want all the same feeds on both devices - is to do a backup on the phone, and restore it on the tablet to get started. If you're downloading episodes, you'll also want to delete the BeyondPod folder on the tablet and copy the entire BeyondPod folder over too, otherwise the tablet will never download episodes that have already been downloaded on the phone (or delete episodes that the phone has already deleted).

If you disable updates on the tablet, it will never download anything. All it will do is "know" that the phone has downloaded an episode and mark it for streaming. That may or may not be enough for what you want.