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08-18-2014, 02:36 AM
This is a very minor question and hence if people are helping which urgent issues then please put this to the back of the queue.

Before I got my chromecast, I had audio podcasts being downloaded on my phone and video ones downloaded to my tablet for watching when I am off or online. I want to continue with this as having content to watch when I am on a flight / in a hotel with no wifi is still a requirement. However I now have a chromecast which I watch content which I trigger from my phone or tablet. Hence I thought I could have the video podcasts downloaded to the tablet then I could also add the rss feeds to my phone but not set them to download - then I could just select the one I want to watch and send it to the chromecast. I know its very minor but if I play something from the phone to CC then the tablet will still have that video downloaded and marked as unread when i would then want it to remove this file as it does with a watched podcast. Is this something I could achieve via feedly or is it a feature that may come with the new sync features you are testing?


08-18-2014, 08:25 AM
If I understand you correctly, this is exactly what cross device syncing is designed to do. You can find more information here: http://www.beyondpod.mobi/android/help/CDSHelp.htm