View Full Version : Android broadcast to update multiple categories/smartplay lists at the same time.

08-22-2014, 08:11 PM
I have an automagic flow that updates smartplay lists based on the hour (if the hour is 1am, a smartplay list called Update01 will be updated), but I was wondering if a command to update multiple smartplay lists at the same time can be sent (if multiple extras can be sent or if multiple lists can be sent w/ the smartplay extra)?

08-25-2014, 07:26 AM
Currently, there is no way to do that as we support one "update session" at a time.

One thing you can do is to to use the second feed category as an "update group". Create a new category (call it for example "download batch") and set it as a second category to any feeds that you want to be updated together (regardless of what their first category is or what smart play they belong to). You can then send a broadcast to update the "download batch" category which will update all feeds that have this category as first or second category.