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12-30-2014, 09:46 PM
I have been reading through some of the storage space issues relating to KitKat upgrade... which rendered my BeyondPod useless. First here's what happened. Then the questions:

1. Environ: Samsung S4, up until now stored podcasts on Ext Card., Full version of BP (4.0.32). Was just upgraded to KK. Everything worked fine previously. Stopped allowing me to update at all (i.e. - not only prevented download, but couldn't even see episode updates). Had about 5GB of podcasts (including some HD video podcasts).

2. Tried to move location using BP ... it always failed after around 500 MB.

3. Finally gave up and manually deleted HD-video from ext. sd card (thereby reducing size of folder)

4. Successfully used BP to move location to internal (recommended).

5. BP Seems to work now.

Here are the problems:

1. Internal is not large enough (free space) to handle HD videos (see #4).
2. When I now manually (through PC) go to new location (/storage/emulated/0...) - there is no such folder. Yes, I already succeeded in downloading a new episode of something else ... but I can't find the new location.
3. Old location (on external card) still exists. What should I do with it?
4. How can I get Beyond Pod to write to ext card and allow me to download to my heart's content? That is WHY I bought an external card (64GBs!) - FOR Podcasts.

12-31-2014, 06:32 AM
Hi, and welcome to the forum.

The basic information on what to do when your device is updated to KitKat can be found here in the FAQs (http://www.beyondpod.com/cms/index.php/my-external-sd-card-has-become-read-only-after-updating-to-kitkat-what-can-i-do). The only reason that internal storage is recommended is because if you uninstall BP, all of its files on an external SD card will automatically get deleted (this is an Android KitKat "feature" that BeyondPod has no control over).

Every application can have a fully R/W private folder on an SD card under KitKat. You'll find them all in the folder [External SD Card]/Android/Data/

The help page includes the information on how to move your BeyondPod storage to this private folder on the SD card, as well as how to move it to internal storage, so you just need to run through the process again, but choose your external card this time. Once you've done that, the files will be at [External SD Card]/Android/Data/mobi.beyondpod/files/BeyondPod (as mentioned in the FAQ page). You need to remove the old [External SD Card]/BeyondPod folder using the file manager provided by your manufacturer (because the file manager needs to be a system app to be able to write to / delete the folder). Alternatively, you can mount either your phone or just your external SD card on a PC and delete the old /BeyondPod folder that way.

You can find the current location for your BeyondPod files in the General Settings

I'm not sure why the move didn't work for you (BP should have checked whether you had enough room in your internal storage before starting to move files), and anyway, it should have been possible to copy your existing episodes directly to BeyondPod's private folder on the SD card without going via your internal storage. You can still do that now, i.e. move them from internal storage to BP's folder on your SD card, by repeating the process (as described in the FAQ).


P.S. I've always had my podcasts on my external card, both on my old S3, which got updated to KitKat and on my current Sony Z3c, which always had KitKat. It really does work.