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04-25-2015, 05:13 AM
I just got updated to Lollipop and BP works great but Presto isn't working for speeding up my podcasts. So I started using the sonic player in the advanced options. I'm having an issue with the audio quality. Is there a way to tweak the settings to improve the audio quality or change the algorithm?
Are others able to use Presto in Lollipop?

04-28-2015, 02:33 PM
Presto was always buggy as anything, which is why we stopped using it as the default. You CAN still enable it in BP (but Presto itself may or may not work, since development on it ceased years ago, and something in Lollipop may well have broken it).

I haven't had any other reports of audio quality issues with the built in speed adjustment (other than "chipmunk effects" on some obscure Chinese handsets), but you might like to try ticking Force MPG123 player in the Advanced settings to see if that makes any difference for you.


07-03-2015, 03:31 PM
Hi again. So I've been looking into this and maybe people didn't use the presto preferences to select their preferred quality setting. I personally liked the sound of WSOLA algorithm in Presto as opposed to Sonic. Is there a way to enable that algorithm in BeyondPod? Also, I've been trying out other podcachers and they all have the same problem (Presto not working in Lollipop) except AntennaPod. That app works with Presto in Lollipop, but it has a terrible UI and I prefer BP's UI and has missing features that I use in BP.

This ZIP contains the first few seconds of BBC news podcast played at 1.3x speed in BP and AntennaPod so you can hear the difference.

When I listen to this, I hear a clacking or ticking sound in the BP version that is smooth and good in AP. When I had KitKat, BP sounded this good and was a pleasure to listen to. I really don't care if you get Presto working again as long as we can get the quality back.

07-05-2015, 10:20 AM
BeyondPod uses your device's built-in player, so doesn't have direct control over the playback. That's controlled by your manufacturer's implementation of the AOSP media player. I'm guessing that your manufacturer has done something different with it in Lollipop compared with KitKat. (Or that you've switched devices, of course.)

You can enable Presto (which would effectively replace the built-in player) in the Advanced Settings (http://www.beyondpod.com/cms/index.php/how-to-get-to-advanced-settings-in-beyondpod) if you want it, but it hasn't been updated in years, and I always found it to be rather buggy, particular in terms of communication with the calling app.


07-05-2015, 04:17 PM
I'm not getting my message across, sorry. If I enable presto the audio doesn't speed up but is played on 1x speed always. Even if I force the player to 2x speed there is no change in speed. I have Presto installed and it works in AP.
This worked in KitKat but is broken in Lollipop. BP is not the only player where this is broken, but Presto is working in another app that I mentioned above. I really like BP and want to use it rather than migrating away.
The sonic player in aosp is for speech, to for example speed up the TTS engine so it sucks for podcasts that play any music, at least on the Galaxy Note 4 stock 5.01 and on my Desire S running CM12.
If i use mpg123 that doesnt work ether.

07-06-2015, 12:17 PM
Enabling presto in the "advanced" settings and restating BeyondPod are the only things that you should need in order to re-enable Presto support (at least in the latest Beta 4.1.41).

To see what player is enabled, you can try to play something, change the playback speed and look at the Android log (BeyondPod Settings > View Logs > View Android Log) - If BeyondPod is using the Presto player you should see a line like: "... Created OSPlay MediaPlayer" in the log output.

FYI: Mpg123 player (if enabled in settings) is used only if the extension of the file you are trying to play is .MP3, but internally is still uses Sonic for speedup so even if you get it to work it will use the same algorithm for speed adjustment.

07-06-2015, 12:32 PM
I can see that message in the log, but there is no speed change. I have 4.1.41 and sonic player and Presto are selected in the advanced settings. Should I email the log to support?

07-07-2015, 12:54 AM
If you see the message, then BeyondPod is using the Presto plugin.

I am not sure why Presto is not adjusting the playback speed when BeyondPod is instructing it. If you can send the log file, I will take a look but, I am afraid that there is not much can be done there as all audio output comes through Presto and it is up to it to handle playback changes.

As far as ability to change/select the algorithm BP is using, this is something that is in the works (with a few more extra features) but it is not ready yet.

07-09-2015, 11:03 AM
+1 on getting this into BP insted of using an external plugin. I can test if you want :)
I think my next step will be a full wipe and see if this fixes itself. Otherwise I'll wait for you to finish you're new features.