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11-10-2015, 08:41 AM
I opened up BeyondPod this morning and was greeted with the new user setup screens. All my subscriptions and episodes are gone now. I was listening last night however, and things hadn't crashed so the lock screen was showing the episode I was listening to and the playlist count on that screen was still showing 13 episodes from my SmartPlay list. After rebooting the phone, that was (obviously) gone, and all subs and episodes were still missing.

At some point in the past (at least several days ago, possibly month ago) I moved BeyondPod to the SD card. Since moving it, I had been able to update feeds and listen to podcasts, and the phone was rebooted at least once after which BeyondPod continued to work. I swear I had backup turned on at some point, but I can't find it anywhere now.

If I select Settings -> General Settings -> Podcast Download Folder I get a dialog about moving to the alternate location, but then get an error stating I need 1.53GB of free storage, but only have 645MB. That is consistent with looking at the file system where I can still find the files in /storage/sdcard1/Android/data/mobi.beyondpod/files/BeyondPod. The problem is I have on my phone:

/storage/sdcard0/ (link to emulated, above) - appears to have 643MB free

So it looks like some part of BP knows the files are there, but it isn't showing them to me. Is there some way to fix things so I don't need to go through adding all my subs, re-downloading and having to mark everything listened?



Dennis Rockwell
11-10-2015, 10:42 AM
I occasionally get the "Welcome to BP" setup screens when I start it up, and I panic, but the "Skip this" button drops me into normal operation, and nothing seems amiss. But I'm not using the SD card, so this may be a red herring.

11-10-2015, 01:11 PM
Skip this just leaves me with an empty BeyondPod. I uninstalled and reinstalled, and all that did was wipe out the folder on the SD card (which I had backed up). Restoring that didn't help, nor did pointing the data folder to the location of the saved podcasts.

The main problem is that every time something like this happens it takes days to get back to where things are reliable again because I need to manually reset played, etc. on all the feeds because there isn't a simple setting like "never automatically download anything published prior to <date>" or a "mark everything in this feed listened" and I always end up with some feeds that always want to go back to the beginning of time and download everything no matter what.

11-11-2015, 04:46 AM
Hi Colin.

I'm sorry to hear this, and I have no idea why it might have happened - other than some glitch with the card.

When BeyondPod starts thinking it's a new installation, if your phone uses a well known path to the SD card, BeyondPod will check whether there's data there and recover from the automatic backups that occur periodically. However, it will check internal storage before it checks external.

To recover, you'll need to

restore your saved mobi.BeyondPod folder to ~/Android/data/mobi.BeyondPod/ on your external card, (you'll normally have a cache and a files folder here, with the BeyondPod folder under files)
exit BeyondPod completely (swipe it away from the recent apps list), and then
use a file manager to make sure there is NO OTHER BeyondPod folder anywhere else on your SD card OR INTERNAL STORAGE

Restart BeyondPod

Assuming your SD card is not corrupt (and BeyondPod can therefore find your BP folder on it), when you restart BeyondPod it should find the folder on your SD card and pick up where it left off (more-or-less!)

For future disaster recovery insurance, you CAN manually take a backup of BeyondPod's settings, etc. using Settings | Backup & Restore | Backup - although how useful this will be depends on how recent your backup is. (NB: it will be saved in BeyondPod's private storage, so will be deleted along with the rest of the app's data if you uninstall BeyondPod.) You can then use Settings | Backup & Restore | Restore to recover from it.


11-11-2015, 10:58 AM
No luck. I don't think this is (just) a glitch with the card. When I uninstalled and reinstalled, BP was able to create the folder on the SD card. Also, the BeyondPod folder is created at the same level as files, not underneath files as stated in the comment here. Maybe that's a clue? In any case, something inside BP knows the podcasts are there, it just refuses to show them to me and wants me to:

reconfigure my original feed defaults
individually subscribe to 23 podcasts
for each podcast go in and manually mark everything as downloaded
for each podcast figure out which episodes I haven't listened to and the individually mark them as not listened

Most of that effort could be avoided if there was a simple global "beginning of time" setting that would just automatically treat everything earlier than that date as listened. It seems to me that the most common use-case would be to listen to podcasts in order (either by subscription or by all) from oldest to newest (and don't get me started on the usability of sorting the feed from oldest-newest and trying to manage things that way).

I'm not even sure that the mark all downloaded is the same as "listened" since I have at least one podcast that for a period of several weeks would randomly stuff really old episodes into my smart play list even though I had, on numerous occasions, told it to mark everything as downloaded (which, incidentally, marked newer stuff that I hadn't listened to as downloaded so I had to manually undo that).

Every time BP screws things up, and it seems to happen a couple times per year, it takes several days to get things back to some semblance of normal.

11-11-2015, 12:18 PM
If you go to General Settings, where does BeyondPod SAY your files are, and what alternative does it say is available?

If you go to Advanced Settings (http://www.beyondpod.com/cms/index.php/how-to-get-to-advanced-settings-in-beyondpod), and scroll down to near the bottom, what does it show for Episode Download Path and Lock to current path?


11-11-2015, 10:25 PM
General settings: /storage/sdcard1/Android/data/mobi.beyondpod/files/BeyondPod/Podcasts and /storage/emulated/0 is also available.
Advanced: /storage/sdcard1/Android/data/mobi.beyondpod/files (in use)
Lock to Current Path: /storage/sdcard1/Android/data/mobi.beyondpod/files

That path did not exist this morning when I copied the files.

I just moved the BeyondPod folder containing my original stuff into that location (i.e. under files where it appears to be looking for it), and still nothing. It's still showing the single dummy subscription I added just to get the folder to show up. I moved the files by removing the SD card from the phone and doing it on a computer. As a result the phone was rebooted. I even deleted the folder holding the dummy subscription (the BeyondPod folder that was created by BP when I set it up) and replaced it with my old one, but that is still the only thing that shows up.

11-13-2015, 08:43 AM
Is there any additional information I can get from the debug options that would help figure out what the problem is?

11-17-2015, 12:48 PM
I had the same thing happen! This really stinks! I have an older phone at home that has most of my settings on it, but this should not happen! Moto E

11-17-2015, 12:55 PM
My folders are on the card, but Beyond Pod is not finding them.

11-19-2015, 04:42 AM
If the path to the SD card isn't sticking after going through the above steps (to make sure there are no BP folders anywhere else on the device apart from /storage/sdcard1/Android/data/mobi.beyondpod), one approach that has worked for some (especially on Samsung devices) is to use the System Settings to move the entire app to the SD card.

While the app is still there, your widgets won't work (that's an Android restriction), but people have found that once they've got the SD card path to stick, they can then move just the app back to internal storage.