View Full Version : v4.2.18 and android auto 2problems not related - pausing during playback and more

02-15-2017, 10:01 PM
Using android auto. When plugged into car via usb cable, no longer have ability to select or play through BeyondPod app. Only thing I can think of that has changed is I enrolled in beta program. Before beta, would plug in. touch headphone icon and I could select from either google music or beyondPod. Now when I plug in I can only play my music. If I disconnect cable I can play podcast trhough bluetooth,

but that cause other problems as pausing every 5 seconds or so. plays 5 seconds, pauses for 1/2 sec, then plays 5 seconds more, pauses, etc etc. The pausing was happening before the beta though. The pausing is happening on my nexus 6. It does not have the pause problem on a new pixel phone.

Have rebooted phone, no help. Trying another podcast app tonight to see if I get any change. I want to continue to use BeyondPod, just need to get it to work again.

02-16-2017, 01:28 AM
Hi Mikek

I'm not sure what the Bluetooth issue is, but I'm not experiencing it myself, and haven't seen other reports.

Android Auto only supports apps installed from the Play Store, not anything that is downloaded and side-loaded from our website.
I don't have an Android Auto device, but I can use BP 4.2.18 from the Play Store Beta program with the standalone Android Auto app.


02-16-2017, 11:00 AM
Mike, I wonder if your "plugging into USB" problem is the same as I've reported when BeyondPod stops responding when plugged into power. You can read the other thread for the details, but if you have this problem not just in the car but whenever you are charging, it could be the same problem and related to the BeyondPod settings for screen timeout.


02-16-2017, 11:18 AM
That is the problem then .... because I downloaded the beta apk from the website, not the play store. Going to unistall then reintall from Play Store Beta program and give it a try.