View Full Version : 4.2.19 - Audio no longer pauses during navigation announcements

11-24-2017, 10:27 AM
In previous releases, any time one of my navigation apps (Waze, mostly) would do a turn-by-turn direction announcement, the podcast would pause and then immediately resume after the announcement. Now they both play simultaneously with the podcast at a quieter volume, meaning I inevitably have to back up the podcast to hear what was said. That was one of my favorite features that other audio apps (Pandora, Google music) didn't provide. Bring it back!

11-25-2017, 02:50 PM
The same thing is happening to me, with Google Maps navigation. It's pretty irritating, especially on top of everything else that's busted in 4.2.19. I know it's a beta, but this time it really doesn't feel even like it deserves that label.

11-27-2017, 09:53 AM
We are currently looking into issues with the new release.

11-28-2017, 12:14 AM
I am experiencing the same issues. I am running a Samsung Galaxy S8+ running Android 7.0.

Failed fallbacks to previous versions as reported in other threads suggests this is not a viable workaround.