View Full Version : 4.2.39 Many issues

09-30-2018, 07:29 PM
1) Auto update occurs on schedule, but no notification that it occurred or downloaded episodes
2) Smartplay does not automatically rebuild after update even though option is checked
3) Trying to start playing from the widget if BP is not currently running results in an app crash - or it might start playing after 60 seconds of the "syncing" icon in the taskbar. Only solution is to force close BP and reopen, which might work one time out of three.
4) I have a Tasker action to start BP when connecting to Bluetooth in my car. This also starts after like 5 minutes (seriously) or not at all (maybe i didn't wait long enough).
5) BP randomly pauses playback for no reason.

That's all for now.
Android 8.0