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  1. Enabling/disabling playback speed has no effect. ...

    Enabling/disabling playback speed has no effect.

    Also the two devices in question were a Nexus 4 and a brand new Samsung S6. Both fully up-to-date.

    URLS: for the two feed I mentioned:...
  2. 4.1.48 incorrect episode durations, broken FF/RW and scrubbing

    A recurring problem I've been having for some time:
    On occasion, BeyondPod will retrieve episodes, and list wildly inaccurate episode durations - I've seen two or more hours on podcasts that were...
  3. Bugfix probably needed - podcast eps have wrong length, can't move through or pause

    So far I've only noticed this on one podcast, the X Minus One podcast ( ), but whatever's causing it is bound to apply to others out there.

    It's a half-hour/ep old-time-radio podcast. I download...
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