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    Thanks Julie for reply. Yeah, you're...

    Thanks Julie for reply.

    Yeah, you're right: long press of >| and |< buttons to navigate through chapters sounds fair enough to me, i mean, good idea!
    Not too much change in ui and ui...
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    Skip/jump to chapter marks in mp4 files

    Hey BP-Team!

    Here is my feature request:
    ATM the very right >>| button has only one function: longpress for quitting this episode and jump to next one in the playlist.
    But since mp4 files can...
  3. Sticky: Dear BP-Team! Could you please give a short...

    Dear BP-Team!
    Could you please give a short update about the progress of flattr integration? What are your implementation plans? Share a bit with your users - the only thing what could happen is to...
  4. Sticky: My idea of flattr integration

    Hey BeyondPod team!

    Great to hear about your plans to integrate flattr!

    The two points you mentioned are of course right.

    Here are my 2cents: try to make it as easy as possible (and also...
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