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  1. How to get the behavior I want out of BeyondPod

    I've been using BeyondPod for a while, but it doesn't work just how I'd like and I have a nagging feeling that there's some special combination of settings I can set to get the behavior I want:

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    Manage Feeds and Episodes from the web

    It would be nice to be able to manage feeds and episodes from my web browser.

    The phone interface is poor for getting into the nitty-gritty settings details.
    The phone interface is poor for...
  3. BUG: earphone remote button doesn't always work

    Sometimes pressing the button on my earphones will pause/phat the current episode in beyond pod, but not always. It seems related to the missing player controls on the lock screen.
  4. BUG: player controls don't always appear on lock screen

    When playing a podcast I expect beyondpod's player controls to be available from the lock screen. The controls sometime appear, but more often than not they don't appear. It seems like they're more...
  5. BUG: playlist is completely cleared seemingly randomly

    I'll take a long time refreshing, downloading, and adding new episodes of all my podcasts to the playlist. I'll listen to one or two and then the entire list will be cleared and I'll have none of the...
  6. BUG: skip forward and back don't work from lock screen

    When a podcast is playing in beyond pod and the screen is locked I sometimes see the beyond pod player controls (the fact that I don't always see them is another bug). The pause/play button always...
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