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  1. Yep, already eliminated the read only card...

    Yep, already eliminated the read only card problem. I've rebooted lots of times twixt my first time experiencing the problem (May) and now, and have made three attempts, two on release versions (22...
  2. Moving storage to external SD card broken

    BeyondPod Beta (current), but also applied to release version (current).
    Android 5.0 on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900T
    Internal 32GB on /storage/emulated/0/
    External 64GB on /mnt/extSdCard

  3. Podcast Download Folder reset with new beta

    First, the whats:
    - BP Evo 4.0.16 upgraded to 4.0.19
    -- Installed to external SD card via OS Application move option.
    - Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (T-Mobile SM-N900T)
    -- Android 4.4.2
    -- Kernel...
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