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    I want to pay more for BeyondPod :-)

    BeyondPod's "pay once and keep using forever" sales model does not make sense to me.

    I reported an annoying bug in this forum here, which I have not seen a response to. But considering how little...
  2. Episode list near unusable due to scrollbar interference

    I struggle to use the episode list to do anything useful (download episodes, mark played, look at episode notes etc.), because the scrollbar keeps getting in the way.

    On the right of each episode...
  3. Here is a screenshot from when I opened my...

    Here is a screenshot from when I opened my "Freedomain Radio" feed. The top three items starting with HTG are actually from a different "Home Theater Geeks" feed I am also subscribed to, and only...
  4. Feeds show unplayed episodes from other feeds

    I have BeyondPod 4.148 Pro with 'Preferred Feed View' set to 'My Episodes'.

    At random times, when I open feed 'A' and then change the view to 'ALL PUBLISHED' using the title bar on top, I see the...
  5. Never mind, I see it does show the year once you...

    Never mind, I see it does show the year once you go back a year, so all is fine.
  6. Add option to show year on podcast dates

    Currently, BeyondPod shows only the day and month for entries.

    Often when I subscribe to new podcasts, their catalog goes back multiple years, and I want to go and dig out old entries I would also...
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