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    BeyondPod and Tasker

    I have been using beyondpod with tasker for several months now. I have it set up to open beyond pod and then to start playing the playlist (as a third party app ). But today suddenly it's not been...
  2. Sticky: Two features I'd like to see: -A "mark all as...

    Two features I'd like to see:
    -A "mark all as read" button when viewing all feeds. I tend to acquire a lot of unread posts and it's tedious to mark as read podcast-by-podcast.
    -The ability to set...
  3. Bug for setting auto updates at week level?


    I've been trying to set up some categories to do the auto-update once per week rather than once per day.

    What's happening is it looks like it's set to go next for a date a week from now,...
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