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Thread: A robust scheduler

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    A robust scheduler

    I'd to like to suggest a new feature. A robust scheduling tool. Most podcasts tend to be released on certain days around certain times. Why not allow for a M-F scheduler or a Sunday only or a Monday and Wednesday option. This could help people keep data usage down to a minimum by only synchronizing certain feeds at certain times.

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    I'd go for this, too; I have lots of feeds that update fairly predictably, but also I'd like to spread the updates across the week to add more randomness to my playlist. Having different categories that update on different days of the week would help this.

    I've made the plea before for a scheduler that would do longer-than-24-hours update rate properly; that would fold right into this idea very neatly.

    This would also reduce needless data traffic for updates; lots of people aren't on unlimited data plans.

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    True, but:

    • you can limit your updates to WiFi only if you want to prevent cellular data use
    • checking for non-existent new episodes doesn't take a lot of data - certainly not in comparison with downloading or streaming the content
    • data (at least WiFi data) is pretty cheap these days

    There are plenty of other requests competing for limited (people) resources, so this one is unlikely to hit the top of the priority list unless we get lots more requests for it, I'm afraid.


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    I had a similar request with regard to smartplay lists. I wanted to have episodes play on weekdays, for example.

    If the scheduler could work where it updates only on weekdays for some episodes, that would, I think, solve my issue.

    +1 vote for me on this 'feature.'

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