With the latest tablet version, we started enhancing the process of searching and adding feeds by introducing several curated collections (currently by publisher and regions). These collections make it a bit easier to find “good” podcasts that you may want to try. Given that large majority of the popular podcasts are English, this makes it a bit difficult for people to find good podcasts in their native languages.We are seeking help from native speakers to organize (and occasionally Update) a collection of podcasts specific to a give region/language

Here are more details on what we need:

- You should be a resident of the region and a native speaker
- Each collection should be between 20-100 feeds
- Feeds should be a good cross section of popular podcasts as seen through the eyes of those living in the region
- Podcasts should not be political in nature or otherwise controversial.
- THIS IS A PAID JOB (payment on a per feed collected basis).

Here are the regions we are currently focusing on- Spain, Korea, Japan, China, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Portugal and Turkey.

If interested please contact support AT BeyondPod COM for more info.