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Thread: How to get notified when new BETA versions are released

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    Lightbulb How to get notified when new BETA versions are released

    IMPORTANT! If you are currently using a beta downloaded from our web site (sideloaded), keep in mind that Google Play may not allow you to update it directly - you have to uninstall it and install the BETA version from Google Play. Devices track how apps are installed - (Google Play or sideloded) and Google Play will not update sideloaded apps. If you decide to uninstall/re-install, make sure to do a backup (Menu > More > Settings > Backup) and restore it after the install to preserve your settings.

    • Manual Download (sideloading).
      Latest BETA versions of BeyondPod can be downloaded directly from our PHONE or TABLET BETA pages.

    BeyondPod can also notify you when new BETA versions of BeyondPod are released.
    To enable BETA notifications go to Menu > More > Settings > General Settings and check "Beta Version Notifications".

    (We try to release new BETA versions about once a week)
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