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Thread: external sd storage

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    YESSSSSSSS! finally!!!!

    thanks , very thanks!!!

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    Hello juwiz,
    I also would like to keep my many, many podcasts on my sd card.
    I have beyond pod version 3.2.59 on my Samsung galaxy note 2 running android 4.3
    Could you step me through the process to do it, very, very slowwwwwwly as I am no wizard.
    Thank you

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    UK (BP Team member from Jun 2012 to Mar 2017),
    It's much MUCH MUCH easier if you start by updating to BeyondPod beta version 3.2.62 (which you can find here for phones, or here for tablets).

    Once you've got that installed, you'll find that if you tap on the Podcast Download Folder entry at the bottom of General Settings (Menu | More... | Settings | General Settings), you'll get an option to Move your storage.

    Tap the Move button, and go and make a hot beverage of your choice, while you wait for it to finish.

    Skitch.jpg2014-01-29 20.12.47.jpg
    The actual paths you see will depend on your device, of course. In this screenshot, my files are already on the external SD card, so the only option in this case is to move them to internal storage.

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