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Thread: Playing very large files

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    Question Playing very large files

    I listen to audiobooks with BeyondPod (it's really great for that) but I have these audiobook files that can get huge! Not unusual to have files that are bigger than 1 GB. BeyondPod really struggles with these size files. Symptoms include memory issues (can't play file, BeyondPod hangs and then has to be forced to quit, etc.) and not able to recognize time length (17 hour audiobook only can seek to around 13 hours, and the remaining 4 hours can't be played).

    Does anyone else experience this, and if so, is it on the roadmap to fix it?

    Otherwise, thanks BP! Awesome product, glad to pay for it in the Play Store. I live by it!!

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    BeyondPod uses the built-in Android player by default, so there's probably not a lot that can be done there - it's not BeyondPod code.

    You might like to experiment with using BeyondPod's built in playback speed adjuster in the latest beta version for phones or tablets. That may or may not help (whether you adjust the speed or not, as long as it's enabled).

    To be honest, there's probably not a lot that can be done to improve this, but it would be helpful if you could point us to some (free) example audiobooks that cause problems for you.


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