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Thread: Unread Count don't sync right

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    Unread Count don't sync right

    I use the sync function with one Phone (BP 3.1.24) and one Tablet (BP 3.10.24). I rarely download any Podcast episedes, most times I only stream them. So the most importent sync feature for me is to get the episodes status (read/unread) and the number of unreed episodes to be the same at both devices. But thats the part that don't work accuratly. =(

    Even after syncing both devices (update all feeds) there are often some differences. Some of the last heard episodes are not marked as read on the second device.

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    Could you please give us some more details to be able to reproduce the issues that you're seeing?

    Remember that each device is in control of its own updates, etc. Each one simply uses the feedback from the other(s) about what has already been played to update its own information about whether an episode has been played or not. If what you want is identical setups on both devices, the best way to start is to Backup one of them, and Restore on the other, so that they both have the same feed configurations, download / read history, etc.

    Updating feeds won't directly update the synced information. That happens more-or-less in real time as you play episodes (as long as you have a data connection on both devices, of course; if not, it should catch up as soon as you do). However, marking a new episode for streaming as a result of an update on one device should indrectly cause a sync update so that the other device can mark the episode as streamable too.

    We have seen issues for feeds that are set to Download (or presumably) Stream in order, because unless you start by duplicating the same setup on each device (i.e. use BeyondPod's backup option on one device, and its restore option to restore it on the other), they'll have a different history of what's already been downloaded, streamed and read, which will affect what they think is new. For feeds set to Download / Stream the latest <n> episodes, the history has much less of an impact.

    If your feeds are set up identically and are not set to stream in order, or if you did start out by duplicating the settings from one device to the other, it would be helpful if you could give us step by step instructions on how to reproduce the issue that you're seeing, and exactly what you see. We may also need copies of the backups on both devices to investigate further.


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