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Thread: AB repeat, playing part of the episode

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    Lightbulb AB repeat, playing part of the episode

    My device is running BeyondPod 3.1.25m on samsung SGH-T889 with Android 4.1.1

    It would be nice if BeyondPod...A-B repeat feature.. *your product is great BUT it does not have one very useful and important feature.. *A-B repeat button.. *if I need to play a part of the episode I have to do it manually guessing every time where the needed part starts.. please include this simple and important feature into your product.*
    It could be just one button pressing it we could mark A position and pressing it again we mark B position and then right after second click the player will be repeating marked part unlimited number of times..
    Or you can make it even better putting another item to the settings menu where we could set how many times AB part will be played..
    OR player could ask me after second click " how many times i.d like to repeat it.
    Also would be nice if we'd be able to play only marked parts from several episodes in the play list.
    This feature in general would be very useful for those who are working on a new language and fir musicians who need sometimes to listen a part of the episode over and over again.
    Also beyond pad would be unique because I couldn't find this feature in any other music or video players or podcast downloaders..

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    Thank you for your request.

    Bookmarking (which is a necessary part of what you're asking for) is currently under consideration for a future version. This would allow you to create a bookmark at the start of the section you're interested in (and write your own notes about the bookmark, if required) and tell BP to jump to that point to start playback. Your request would also require the concept of a "bookmark end", (which could potentially be a useful addition to the implementation of bookmarks in general).

    The rest of your specific request is somewhat specialised, but could certainly be achieved in part by using bookmarks. Just with "simple" bookmarking, you would be able to manually jump (back) to a bookmark you have set whilst playing a podcast.

    In general, the "normal" concept of podcasts is that they are typically played once and then discarded. However, the latest beta version has an option (Save Played Position, which is normally ticked) to allow you to specify in the feed that episodes should not be marked as played when you finish them, which allows the whole episode to easily be played again and again without further user intervention. (This was always possible for virtual feeds, but has now been added for all feeds.)

    However, unless we get a lot of requests for the A-B repeat functionality and/or a bookmarked playlist, it's probably not something that will be implemented directly within BeyondPod. Having said that, if BeyondPod offers an API to play from a bookmark and stop play at a bookmark end, it should be possible (using Tasker et al) to craft your own solution for those specific parts of your request. (See BeyondPod APIs for more info on what's currently available.)


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