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Thread: Viewing podcast info on Apple iPod interface (Audi A4 MMI system)

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    Viewing podcast info on Apple iPod interface (Audi A4 MMI system)

    Anyone have any success viewing BeyondPod data on an Apple iPod interface? I'm using it with an Audi A4, MMI system, via a Bluetooth adaptor (Tune2Air) connected via the Apple connector. The audio works great, but nothing useful shows up in the MMI system, such as a list of podcasts, MMI controls, etc. Any ideas?

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    If it works with Google Music, it should work with the latest Beta versions of BeyondPod (but not necessarily the current market version). The current Beta version is 3.x.33

    In the current beta, BeyondPod makes all the information about the episode available, but whether or not that data actually gets used by the player is device and ROM dependent. For instance, Google made some changes in 4.2, so Nexus devices on this version usually don't use it, except for Lock Screen widgets (although I believe that there are plans to change it again for 4.3 so that they will also use them with Bluetooth devices), but Samsung devices usually do.


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