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Thread: Functionality for Answer/End call button for BOSE headphones

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    Functionality for Answer/End call button for BOSE headphones


    Long-time BeyondPod user, i recently purchased a set of BOSE MIE2 headphones, and BeyondPod is totally unresponsive to use of the answer/end call button (the scancode of this button is 226, keycode 90 and it registers as KEYCODE_MEDIA_FAST_FORWARD). Even when i use Headset Droid or other apps, BeyondPod refuses to respond. Additionally, even if it were to respond, the functionality i am looking for (play/pause) is not available.

    SO! Feature Request: functionality for play/pause available for mapping to keycode 90/scancode 226.

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    You should have had an answer to this via the same question you asked via email. However, for completeness:

    Each combination of device and headset works slightly differently. Many headsets are designed for iPhones, and how Android devices handle them varies according the ROM that's running, so it's impossible for BeyondPod to explicitly handle every possible combination. In addition to this, support for headset buttons in Android is flaky at best.

    Since your particular headset seems to be generating an unusual button code, one possibility would be to use something like Tasker to grab the received KEYCODE_MEDIA-FAST_FORWARD code and to send Play/Pause instead to whatever's playing your media. That way it will work for Music Player, etc. as well.


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