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Thread: Downloads are being deleted before I am finished listening

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    Downloads are being deleted before I am finished listening

    This only started happening a couple days ago. I was listening to a podcast, paused it to take a call and when I came back it had been deleted. I thought in my fumbling around perhaps I deleted it by mistake. However, it has now happened to me 3 more times. And the last three times was just me pausing it because I was getting out my car. Running the latest version on Nexus 5.
    I do have it set to delete once I have finished listening to the episode, but as I said, I am not done listening. Only pausing.

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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    If it happens again, could you please get an Android log so that we can see what's triggering the deletion.

    To do that, from within BP, use Menu | More... | Settings | Menu (again) | View Logs | Android log.
    Once you're viewing the log, use the Menu button again to bring up the option to email to support.

    Please include in the email your forum name, a description of the problem, and ideally a link to this thread.


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