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Thread: Protection of playlists

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    I love beyondpod, but when I have spent ages creating a playlist, and then slightly miss when I mean to touch the add to playlist icon, my heart sinks as I see all that work wiped out, with just that one episode replacing all that work. The same happens if I miss the icon for more information.

    On a mobile phone it is quite easy to miss the icon.

    Please please please, one of the following:
    1) Play the episode, but preserve the playlist.
    2) Add the episode to the existing playlist.
    3) A pop up dialogue asking "Do you really mean to wipe out your existing playlist?

    Also, if I select an episode part way down a playlist to listen to, and the playlist plays until the last episode on it, all the un-played episodes are removed from the playlist.

    Please, a global preference to choose from: "Preserve playlist but stop playing", "Resume playing from the top of the list", "Erase the playlist".

    Thank you.
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    Hi, and welcome to the forum.

    You can easily do that by unticking the Automatic Playlist box in the Playlist settings. Menu | More... | Settings | Playlist and Widget Settings | Automatic Playlist.

    Other things that can help are using the Optimise for Reading setting in the Feed Content settings, which decreases the size of the area that you have to tap to play a podcast, and/or creating a rule-based SmartPlay list (probably in combination with categorising your podcasts) so that you don't have to spend ages carefully crafting your playlist at all - have BP create it automatically for you.

    You can find more detail in this thread (and many others).


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    Thank you so much, that has solved all these problems.
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