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Thread: Playlist Count on header bar (change)

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    Playlist Count on header bar (change)

    I like the new header bar in version 3.x, and the way it shows the playlist count on the Player section. Two requests regarding this:
    1. Could the counter be nice and big when player is selected, the same as when the other pages are selected?
    2. Could the counter (optionally) show remaining *unlistened* podcasts in the playlist, so that I can easily see how many I have left to listen to? Knowing how many there are in total is not much use to me.



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    Thank you for the suggestions.

    One issue with showing the remaining only is that many people use the playlist to jump randomly between episodes so in this case there isn't really a notion of "remaining". One way for the counter to show what you have remaining is to turn "Delete and play next" in Player Settings > When Finish Playing. This way all played episodes will be automatically deleted and removed from the playlist.

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