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Thread: Enhanced Episodes

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    Enhanced Episodes

    Is there anyway to view the pictures associated with an enhanced podcast. I download them but the pictures never show. I love this app and I bought the pro version. I'd love to be able to watch enhanced episodes too!


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    Welcome to the forum.

    I'm afraid BeyondPod doesn't support the enhancements in Enhanced podcasts. Enhanced podcasts do seem to be a very German-centric thing. That's not to say that being German is bad at all, but it does mean that only a relatively small percentage of users would benefit from the work involved in adding support for them to BeyondPod. However, if you know of a player that supports them, you can tell BeyondPod to use that external player.

    All enhancement requests are considered on a balance of the amount of work involved to support a particular feature balanced against the number of users who will benefit from that feature.


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