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Thread: "Delete Played" option for all feeds, instead of only one at a time

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    "Delete Played" option for all feeds, instead of only one at a time

    I like to download podcast episodes on my phone, and back them up onto a different device. As such, I prefer to delete played episodes only after I have completed the backup. That being so, it would be very convenient for me if a "Delete Played" option could be offered for all feeds, instead of only being offered in the menu of each individual feed, so that played episodes across all feeds could be deleted with one action instead of many. Would such a feature be possible to implement?

    Thanks for your excellent product!

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    Delete Played is offered in the Episodes view. You can do what you want by choosing All Episodes by tapping on the tab at the top (assuming you're using the phone version) or by tapping on Category ALL FEEDS in the tablet version.


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    Thanks, Julie! I did a quick forum search for "delete played" before I asked, but I guess I missed finding the answer to my question. Thanks for taking the time to help me out!

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