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Thread: Pause updates widget

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    Pause updates widget

    I, like most, run a schedule for updating podcasts, but there are times when I would like to pause the update/download schedule to save battery - if, for example, I know I'll be away from the charger for an extended time. Then I would like to enable it again. It would be great to have a widget (or better, an option on the existing widget) to pause the schedule without having to go into the settings. It would also show whether it is currently enabled or paused on the widget - so I wouldn't forget to re-enable it.

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    Sounds like we need a suggestion list for additions to the menu on the widget.

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    One thing you can probably do is use the built-in "Power Control" widget (I think it is called "power control" on most devices - it the same one that has toggles for WiFi, Bluetooth etc.). If you disable background data, BeyondPod will not do updates (the schedules will still run but, if Background Data is disabled, BeyondPod will skip the downloads)

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    you can also select in settings to download only on wifi and/or when on charge.


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