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Thread: Scheduled feeds update, but episodes don't download

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    In BeyondPod you can pick between 2 strategies to download episodes - one is called "Download newest" and the other "Download in order". You can find more information about how they work and what is the difference in the help: (see the box "Podcast Download Logic"). Based on your earlier posts, I think that maybe "Download in Order" is what matches better the way you want it set up.

    Here is the reason why "Max Download" must be less than "Keep Max" (this is applicable only when you selected "Download Newest" method). Imagine that you can set it to download 10 and keep 7. "Keep 7" means that you don't want to have more than 7 downloaded episodes for the feed. If you download 10, the next update will immediately delete the oldest 3 of them (to get them back to specified 7) so you may not even have any chance to listen to them.


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    UK (BP Team member from Jun 2012 to Mar 2017),
    If you ask BeyondPod to download the most recent 5, it will download up to 5 episodes SINCE the oldest one you've already downloaded. From then on, it will only look for more recent episodes. i.e. if there are 10 episodes in a feed (1..10), and you set BP to download the latest 5, it will start by downloading episodes 6-10. Then, when episode 11 is added, it will download that one, up to episode 30 (i.e. episodes 6-30 being the 25 maximum that you have allowed). However, regardless of the maximum number, it will never go back and download episodes 1-5 unless you download them manually.

    If you want to automatically download every single episode in the feed, you either have to set BP to download them all at once, or use Download in Order, which will start with episode 1, and download episodes 1-5 (in your case), and then episode 6 once you've deleted one of the older ones to "make room for it". In the case of download in order, the maximum number to keep is the same as the number to download.

    The logic is that Download in Order would normally be used for podcasts where a) you need to listen to all of them, and b) you need to listen in the correct order (e.g. audio books split into chapters, course material, etc.). Here, the download limit allows you to play the episodes over time (to suit you), without having to fill your storage with more than you can manage at once, and is the same as the maximum to keep, as nothing new will be downloaded until you've listened to and deleted the earlier episodes.

    Download Latest episodes is for when you have a more conventional "newsy" type of podcast, where you start listening (or watching) at some arbitrary start point and continue from there on with episodes that are current. In this case, you may set a larger number to keep before Automatic Cleanup deletes them, on the basis that once they reach a certain age (or you have more than a certain number), you're never going to get round to listening to them all anyway, so the oldest, least time-relevant ones will get deleted, whether you have listened to them or not.

    If you want to play older episodes in a feed, you'll need to either download them manually, or use the Download in Order setting.


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    Now, these last two replies make total sense--thank you--and restore my prior understanding of how these settings affect downloading. But I am still stumped about my original question that started this thread: why is Beyondpod not downloading the two most recent episodes of a podcast where my Keep Max setting is higher than the number of episodes previously downloaded to my device? As shown (way) above, there's 21 older episodes already downloaded over prior Manual updates, Keep Max is set to 25, the feed's XML shows two brand new episodes I've never downloaded, and yet the update log reports no new episodes and downloads no episodes of that podcast. Thank you for your help.

    Yes,I now see that I have an inappropriate setting for the download order long term, but I don't expect this explains my trouble getting the most recent episodes to download.

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