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Thread: Podcast Plays At Slow Speed

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    Podcast Plays At Slow Speed

    I am running version 3.1.39. I have been using BeyondPod for years without any issue. I recently upgraded my phone to the Moto X. When I play a podcast through my bluetooth in my vehicle the playback is slow (about 3/4 speed). I have to hit pause then play repeatedly and after 4-6 times of doing this the playback speed returns to normal. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program but the same issue exists. Any ideas/suggestions?

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    I have not seen this exact issue before (playback being slow), but here are 2 things you can try. First try disabling playback speed controls in: Menu > More > Settings > Player Settings > Playback Speed and un-check "Enable Speed Adjustment".

    If this does not help, you can try installing the latest beta version 3.1.44 (available here). It has a fix that
    has resolved a Bluetooth related issue on other devices, so it may work in your case too.


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