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Thread: "All Feeds" episodes list to show "Trash"/"Add to Queue"/"read" dot

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    "All Feeds" episodes list to show "Trash"/"Add to Queue"/"read" dot

    If the user selects All Feeds and then looks a the list of podcast episodes, or a list of a specific category, the display options are slightly different than if one chooses a specific feed. Specifically, the buttons for "Trash", "Add to Queue" and the "read" dot, do not show.

    I'm guessing there is a reason for this, as they are specifically different, but I'd like to see those buttons regardless of how I got to the list of episodes.


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    There are (deliberately) two ways to get a list of episodes for a feed from the Feed List. What you see will depend on which one you use.

    If you tap on the Feed description or artwork, you get to the expanded Feed view, where you get the trash can, etc. that you're after.

    If you tap on the number showing the number of downloaded (or streamable) episodes, you'll get the Episodes view which shows only "your" episodes. Note that you can still delete, add to playlist, etc. from this view too, using a long press and choosing the option from the popup.


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