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Thread: Feature Request: option for what BeyondPod passes as "Album"

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    Feature Request: option for what BeyondPod passes as "Album"

    This is related to BeyondPod and MU not seeing the right variables for the length of the podcast.

    I notice MU gets an Album info from BeyondPod with date and length of podcast. I.e. "Oct 18 - 1:16h" , "Oct 18 - 44:34"

    I request to have the current format above and another option of podcast length in seconds in the Album field. I.e. "Oct 18 - 1:16h" , "Oct 18 - 44:34" and second option "4560" , "2674"

    I made a widget with ZooperWidget that is an universal audio control. See link jpg for what can be done with ZooperWidget. If I had just numbers in seconds then I could use that variable in my widget.

    I tried using Tasked but cannot figure out yet how to use the API.

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    Documentation for API has errors.
    Shown as "-" actually is "_" in beta for phones.
    I.e. "episode-duration - long - Total episode duration in seconds" should be "episode_duration - long - Total episode duration in seconds"

    From FAQ API page:
    feed-name - string - Name of the episode feed
    feed-url - string - URL of the episode feed
    episode-name - string - Name of the episode (usually comes from the associated post title)
    episode-url - string - URL of the episode media file (where the episode was downloaded or straming)
    episode-file - string - If the episode is downloaded, the name of the episode file stored on the device SD card.
    episode-post-url - string - URL of the episode's web page (if any)
    episode-mime - string - Episode format as mime type (for example audio/mp3, video/mp4 etc.)
    episode-summary - string - 500 symbol snippet from the show notes (comes from the post content)
    episode-duration - long - Total episode duration in seconds
    episode-position - long - Current playing position in seconds

    I spent many hours trying to get it to work until I read a post about flattr requesting api calls. post 6 Flattr person requested "-" instead of "_", Stephen sais yes to "-" but cirrent code is "_".

    Change documentation to show _ as changing to - would break other apps.



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    The documentation is correct - BP is indeed sending "-" not "_". This has been the case for a long time (it is not a recent change).

    I can't think of a reason for the "-" to be replaced by "_" when you receive the event.

    Here is a link to a project that we use internally to test the API:


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    Well I couldn't get Tasker to receive the intents without changing the episode-duration to episode_duration.

    Here is my Tasker export:

    That code is for a demo or actual code for working BeyondPod beta?

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    The sample code works with both the latest beta and the latest public release (and the releases before that). If you look at the source you will see that it is expecting the extras to be separated with "-".

    My guess is that something in Tasker (probably the plugin you are using) is the one that replaces the "-" with "_" when it reads them from the INTENT that BP broadcasts.
    I am not sure why they would do it, but this is the only place I can think of that can be doing it.


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    Well that's how you have to do it in Tasker.

    You can see it can get frustrating to try - with Tasker and not knowing why it doesn't work. Tasker documentation isn't that great or more for people that write apps.

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    Yes, I certainly can see that.

    I will add a note in our API page that if you consume the event in Tasker you may have to read the extras as "_" not "-". This way it will at least save the frustration of other people that try to get this working.

    The plugin you are using to read the extras, what is it called in the Tasker UI (the export has it as "com.twofortyfouram.locale.intent.extra.BLURB" )?


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