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Thread: Controls on unlock screen missing on Android 4.4 (KitKat)

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    Really? Interesting. Maybe something went wrong when I restored the app. I will do another backup, wipe the app and re-install.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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    To people who might come to this thread in the future having the same problem, here is how I fixed it:

    * run 'Backup' in BeyondPod (Menu > Settings > Backup and Restore)
    * copy the Beyondpod folder from the SD card to my computer
    * uninstall the app and delete the Beyondpod folder on the SD card
    * re-install the app
    * test whether controls are there by playing one of the default podcasts (they were, yay!)
    * copy back just the Backups and Podcasts folder
    * restore the backup in BeyondPod (Menu > Settings > Backup and Restore)

    The controls now show up in all it's KitKat (fullscreen) glory!

    Thanks rpudner for letting me know this actually still worked for him!

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    BeyondPod Team
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    UK (BP Team member from Jun 2012 to Mar 2017),
    Once you add the BP lock screen widget, BeyondPod disables the use of the standard Android transport controls on the lock screen for BP. This is because they start fighting for control and this makes for an unpleasant experience.

    As a side effect of disabling the standard lock screen controls, on 4.3 and above (where Google introduced a "standard" way to publish metadata), BP also won't publish track metadata to bluetooth devices. This is because lock screen controls are driven by publishing track metadata, the only way to stop them from showing is to not publish that metadata.

    On some devices you may still be able to get the metadata to the BT devices if you enable Publish Current episode in advanced settings (this will enable the "old style" metadata publishing that some manufacturers like Samsung have in their devices).

    So you may need to experiment with what works best for you: A full BeyondPod lock screen widget, or no BP lock screen widget and using the standard Android transport controls on the lock screen instead. What works best for you may vary according to what device you're using.


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