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Thread: Am I doing something wrong?

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    Question Am I doing something wrong?

    So with the new 3.x beta I'm not sure if a feature has disappeared or whether I'm missing something obvious.

    Say I wanted to play a complete feed:
    On the 2.x version I could open that feed (60 second science in case you were wondering ) click the 1st episode and the rest would automatically play.

    On 3.x it only plays the clicked episode, if I want to play all of them it would seem I have to click each one separately and I think there were around 50 of them.

    I know I could probably do it via smartplay but its a lot of hassle when previously 1 click did the trick.

    Galaxy sII

    (If this feature has been taken out admins please feel free to move this to feature requests )

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    There are a number of ways to do a similar thing:

    In the Feeds view, press and hold the music-and-number-of-episodes icon to the right of the feed name to add them all to the playlist in the order defined by Sort Local Episodes By for the feed. (This is closest to your previous one-click method.) As an aside, it would make more sense to me to add them in the order defined by Feed Item Sort Order from the feed, since you're adding from Feed view.

    In the Episodes view, if you assign your podcast to a category, and filter by that category, you can tap the add-to-playlist icon at the bottom of the screen (in the middle), followed by the double tick (select all) at the top right corner. You can then choose Add All to Playlist, Remove All from Playlist (if any of them are already on it), or Clear Playlist. The Episodes will be added in whatever your current sort order is. NB: You can have more than one podcast per category and use this method to group similar podcasts together for listening.

    Or from the Player, again if you use categories, you can select Menu then Play... and choose Play all in <current category>. The problem with this last approach is that unlike the Feeds and Episodes views, there's no way to choose the category or even tell what the current category is from the Player view, so you may need to switch to Feeds/Episodes view, filter for your chosen category, and then switch back to the player to do it. As you can't see the episodes or what order they're sorted in, it would make sense that they get added in the order defined by Sort Local Episodes By in the Feed(s), but I haven't checked whether that is the case.

    I would like to see that streamlined (i.e. from the Player, be able to choose ANY category (or SmartPlay) directly), but it can't currently be done.


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    Excellent, Thank you Julie, I knew there would be a simple solution.

    The long click on the number of episodes works just fine, thanks again

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