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Thread: Podcast not updating

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    Podcast not updating


    I have been using BeyondPod as my podcast player for a few months now and so far it is by far my favorite, all the features and usability suits me perfect. I am a truck driver and spend countless hours listening to whatever I can to keep myself sane and in the few short months I have used BeyondPod I have easily listened to a couple hundred hours.

    So far there is nothing that I want from BeyondPod that it doesn't offer, I plan on upgrading to the premium because I want the ability to hit the refresh button and have it automatically download all my new episodes, excited about that.

    Anyway my only problem comes from this one podcast that I really want to listen to but BeyondPod is the only podcast player that it will not work on, I have tested this podcast on a dozen other apps and it is found and works just fine on these, this is sad because I don't want to use a different podcast player for this reason alone, I am very very happen with BP and hope to stay.

    This podcast is "Managrind's Manacast (A Hearthstone Podcast)", I am hoping this is an easy fix, I have listened to all the episodes of my other shows and need more content, unfortunately this game is a new game and not many podcasts exist yet for it, so I have literally listened to all podcast content that exists for this game with the exception of this show, so this is why I am so eager to get it working on my BP.

    Waiting to have this working so I can upgrade my BP and enjoy it for years to come. Thank you all.

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    The URL of this feed is no longer valid. (You can try opening it in a browser and it will show you an HTML page showing that they have moved to).

    Seems like they have moved to a different hosing site and have not updated the feed. The best approach is to contact them directly and ask them to give you the updated url for the podcast.


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